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Written by Pavan Kumar on June 29, 2009


Those who are involved in internet for some time know the pain of searching domain names. Searching for domain names and twitter ids is a real tough job these days as whatever you think of buying is already bought. Readers here have seen the funny comparison of web domains with girls. Sometimes we search for domain names to build a brand and other times we look for keyword search density to grab google juice. The real hard job is when you want a domain for branding.

Whatever the TLD you choose, its very tough to find a proper domain name which is free (available 😉 ). We usually go for domain name suggestion tools but sometimes they behave stupid. The most wise way is to find domain names manually querying the whois database if the domain name exist / available for registration. Querying whois in usual manner is again a time consuming and boring job which includes lot of page refreshes, reloads wasting your bandwidth.

Recently I was looking for a cool domain name and after trying different domain suggestion tools and short creative domain names, I just wanted a tool which tells me if a domain name is free (I did not mean free of cost – refer my tutorials for free domain and hosting and free .com domain) or taken. The need of this tool will be more when you don’t have much time to find domain names – when some hot coupon codes are being accepted at domain registrars and you are not sure when they expire.

Search for domain name availability

One of my twitter friends suggested a domain name search tool Domain Typer which can help you find domain names you look for exist or not. Note that this is not a domain suggestion tool – its just a search tool. This is an ajax based tool just like keyboardr – you just type the domain name without TLD and you will see if the domain is available or taken. You can also check for different TLDs if you wish – by default it checks for .com, .net and .org. One more interesting feature with this tool is that you can find domain names like del.icio.us by just entering the name for which you want to register a domain.

It is really a wise and easy tool if you are looking to register a domain name. You may later on setup e-mail clients for domain mails with free google apps.


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6 Readers responded to this post

I agree, there are few things more frustrating than being the second person to come up with the perfect domain name for your business.

Thanks for giving this new website.

All these days i am using http://whois.domaintools.com/

This one looks cool. Will check this out.

@ Nihar,

What a coincidence.. even I was stuck with the same domaintools.com :) This is really good

I just launched a new domain names search tool. The website is http://www.seeTop10.com.
Find domain names for popular Google search queries.

See Google’s Top 10 suggestion search list from A to Z and check if domain names are available.
If you find a domain you wish to purchase click on the box next to the search result
or go directly to your Domain Name Registrar by clicking their banner above.

@ Robert,

Thanks for the link, I hope it will be useful sometimes :)

Thanks for the link. It sure is useful and thanks to robert as well. Nice innovative tool!

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