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Written by Pavan Kumar on September 16, 2009


You know there are some good choices that you can buy the domain names at the cheaper price which are still valid like free .com domains (also .net, .org, .us, .info) and cheap .com and .net domains @ $5.49. These are all generic domain names, but if you come to CCTLD domain names, they are a bit expensive compared with global TLD domains.

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Country code top level domains vary too much in prices starting from cheap .IN and .US domains to the most expensive ccTLDs of more than $100. Also, you can find strange dot tel domains. These days, you might have observed the trend in registering such domains specially by URL shorteners. If you want to make URL shortner service, you must look for such a short domain to maintain its effectiveness.

Most important point of note is that cheap .US domains have no 2 letter domains left and .IN does not support 2 character domains. This also raises the prices of other ccTLDs. Most popular services on ccTLDs are,,, etc.

.im cheap domains at great discounts.IM is ccTLD of Isles of Man which is an island in Irish Sea. The normal domain charges for these domains varies from $70 – $120 with various registrars, but currently we have a discount running on With this discount, you can get such domains for as less as $4.99 with a huge 93% discount. If you make a research on available domain names, you will be amazed to know most of the important and popular domain names are still free to register.

Alert before buying a .IM domain name

There is one more fact behind the low popularity of these domains. Wikipedia says that the approximate estimation of population is less than 80000. With such a low population, what is the traffic you can expect to get on your highly targeted site? In very rare cases you can get more than 5000 unique visitors a day unless you are Google.

Note that 80k population includes babies and aged who don’t browse, employees who don’t get time to browse internet, some part of population which are not aware of internet, some don’t have internet access, some sit behind their college / office firewalls and don’t know how to unblock websites. Never forget a considerable percentage of people in prison and hospitals all the time.

After knowing all facts about the low popularity of .im domains, if you wish to buy one, get it before the offer ends at

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hi where is 4.99$ .im registrations now ? closed that offer :(

At the back of the popularity of these domains are more facts. Wikipedia says about assessment is less than 80,000 population. Such a sparsely populated with your site highly targeted traffic you can expect to get? In very rare cases, you more than 5000 unique visitors a day until you can google the.

wow… i found great crazy cheapest domain name offers at
real… it is 99 cents only

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