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Secure Internet Privacy with Multi IP Browsing – NewIPNow

Ever exprienced the internet browsing with multiple IPs? Here is a free service which provides you with access to multiple proxies at the same time. Change the IPs for browsing based on speed or geo location which you wish to browse internet with.

How To Test Website Performance From Multiple Geographic Locations

Speed of the webpages is one of the factors to determine how better your website in the market compared to your competitors. Here is a free and easy-to-use tool which can help you determine the speed of website from various locations across the world in four popular browsers. Get to know detailed stats of webpage loading performance for every test.

Short and Numeric only .tel Domains Available for Preorder – Book Today

.tel domains – your online phonebook is now introducing short two character domains and numeric only domains. Dot tel domains can act as your virtual business card which is kept online. These domains do not require any hosting and just host the information about your contact details which can be public or private. Go grab the short / numeric only domain names now itself as it is on first come first served basis.

Fight Google Panda and Maintain Panda Proof Websites with Duplicate Content Alerts

If you are a blogger whose content gets scraped by multiple other websites, here is the quick solution which can help you. Get email alerts every time your content gets duplicated. Fight against plagiarism to save your website being penalized by the Google’s Panda algorithm update.

How to Move Data from Google Apps to Google Account After Transition

Google Apps to Google Accounts transition has raised a chance of conflicting accounts as users might have an existing Google Account with their Apps email id. Check for the details on how the user can safely move the data to either transitioned account or to some other personal Google Account.

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