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Written by Pavan Kumar on February 12, 2008


If you want to register and host a domain for free of cost, you can do it now. The service is provided by Hyperwebenable. They provide you free domain name, web space of 1gb, 100% uptime, good bandwidth. They even provide good loading times. They serve for sites, blogs, forums, wiki or cms.


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There are very few points in their terms which may not be favorable for all webmasters. One thing is the ads, we need to place two of their ads in our very first post, one on top and other at bottom of the post, then we need to place their link ad at the bottom of each page. One more main thing is that they put forward a condition that we need to bring 100 hits/day or at least 15 post/month. To bring 100 hits/day in starting days is a difficult thing, but to post 15 articles/ month is not so difficult. What are you looking for? If you feel that you are capable to meet their requirements, register your domain and start posting!


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let’s say i register n my registration is approved by hyperbewenable. then i get the website…the question is: if in the first month i fail to reach 100 hits/day but im able to post 15/month, will still hyperbewenable delete my account and blog?


NO CHANCE…. dude, believe me, I am a user of that service. I too never reached 100 hits on any day of my first month. To be frank, I was not at all interested to blog in the beginning as I did not know how to change the theme (Now, I have explained that to others). Then, I started blogging and till now I have maintained the standards. Don’t worry about that. Just post yourself and you will win… For any details, you may contact hyperwebenable directly using their contact form or me or rohit of thewebdale dot com for support.

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Hi Pavan, thanks for your reply for my email. Must I have blog before I using hyperwebenable service?

@ Fauzanb

Its easy for you to get a hyperwebenable account if you have a good running blog. If you don’t have a better blog, how can you prove that you are a good blogger. Better create a blog with some five posts or so and show the admin that you are a good blogger and are capable of running a successful blog. The blog you created may be just for demo purpose to show the content quality of your posts. After you get a new domain at hyperwebenable, you can transfer all content of your previous blog to new domain. I can help you again if you need. I hope you got the thing… No one want to make a dead investment, the admin will approve if you seem to be successful for him.

All the best

OK Pavan, I’ll start a new blog right now. Thanks for all. C U on hyperwebenable 😉

Thanks for this post …

Hi i had a blog then i registered for the free website. now they have sent me an email with login details. But i m confuse from where to login? i mean there is no link provided to login. please guide me thru my email. please.


Its here: :)

i wanna know how much time it take to get your application approved.
when will they send me a email telling whether my request was approved or declined


It may take some time based on the requests in progress. You will be mailed if accepted.

@Pavan Kumar

but if i am not then too i will be mailed.or only when accepted.
otherwise how i will come to know that i am accepted or not so that i can send other request.
how much time it took your application to get approved.

i will really appreciate your answer.

Bro check de above link.I too have a domain in hyperwebenbale.Is all de info in that blog true as far as u know?


Let me make it clear, a company with more than 400 users cannot be fake. The info you can read on that blog post is just a mere guess but not the experience, check out the post date, it was posted just within few months of hyperwebenable launch. Of course, I agree there are people who have lost their domains from hyperwebenable, but the sole reason for that is their inactivity and they do not meet the minimum requirements even after long time. If you are serious about your site and meet the restrictions, THERE IS NO CHANCE OF LOSING YOUR DOMAIN / ACCOUNT. You are totally safe with them. No risk at all for your domain.

Trust me, I know the company very well and their moral values.

thanx bro..:)I have small pro with the site can you sort it out.Site is weeks back i had a theme called Elegant but now not using it i deleted it, i activate it but de site automatically reverting to that theme which i have delete no new theme is getting activate i tried nearly 6 themes even default theme not workin..i mailed them too no response but ..Check out the source code c which stylesheet it is referring u wil understand my do help..


Well, I am not very sure about your problem, but what I can guess is the problem is because of caching. If you observe few rarest pages on your blog like search page [] or 404 page [], you can see the theme running properly. So, my guess is that your normal pages have been “cached”. That is the thing I observe.

I think you can find a plugin called super cache (or any other plugin for caching) in your blog installed. Please clear all cached content and I hope your blog will be fine. But remember one thing, don’t remove the plugin, keep the plugin installed and just flush the cached pages.

It is better you continue discussion about problems on Hyperwebenable forum. Please sign up and using the forum.

Bro think i have deleted that plugin:(wat do to now?shall i install that plugin from wordpress codex..?

Bro awesome..I tried as you said i installed de plugin again and cleared de cache it s now working fine.thanks a lot:-)


That’s good, but don’t delete that plugin again. That is very much required for smooth performance of your site on the server. If you have more queries about anything, please use hyperforum.

Dear Pavan,
I registered for a website on HWE. Its about two weeks. They have not sent me any e-mail. I also sent them a request to reply As soon as possible but no response. What should I do? I am a student in IIT delhi in Electronics and communication. I have learned cgi and html and want to test them on a website.


To test your skills, I am pretty sure, you won’t get any response. You need some eligibility to get through the process and obtain free domain and hosting. To test your skills, you can make your system as a web server:

I have a doubt pavan.. R those ads thats coming in u r post belong to hyperwebenable?

@ sham

At the current point of time, none of the ads are from them.

More the traffic lesser there ad is that right?

@ sham

Not so is the case, whatever the traffic, 2 ad units…

It dere any way to remove it like how you have done..?Pl let me know..

Pl let me know pavan..How to do it..

The site specified you (Hyperwebenable .com)is listed as “Attack Site!” by google and most of sites..So please consider this.

@ Munna,

I am aware of that. Its under review from Google Webmaster team – may take one or two days to get cleared. Sorry for that.


how to delete the uploaded themes in this “hyperwebenable ” given website

@ Rajesh

You can do it once you have your ftp details. If you don’t have ftp details, you can request one from the admin.

Hi i’m vishnubabu.. I did sign up for but dint get any proper reply pls help me my email is

hay pavan i have a doubt can i use SMF free forum using and will they provide me FTP access and can i have full access to my forum as a admin.please reply me

thank for information.

really good post on how to register a domain free

Is it possible to transfer the domain? or do you have to pay to do that? because i have a host but i need a domain name….

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