How To Register a Domain Name Free: COM, NET, ORG, US, INFO Free Domains

Written by Pavan Kumar on June 4, 2009


Recently I got a trick to register a free domain name with This seems to be a genuine trick and it worked for me till "check out". I did not register the complete domain, but the check out amount was finalized as $0. Let us see how to register a domain name free. With this free domain name trick, you will be able to register .com, .net, .org, .us and .info top level domains for 1 year.

free domain name registration at

To register a domain name for free, you have to go to this promo page on

You will be provided a search box where you can search for the domain name, enter the domain name and choose your TLD (.com, .net, .org etc) and hit search.

If your domain name is available, you will be redirected to login page(with Firefox) or shopping cart (in Internet Explorer).

Login and view the cart – you can remove the domain privacy and uncheck the auto renew option to make your cart entire 0 value (FREE domain).

checkout for registering a free .com domain

Now, you can register the domain name in your name/email id.

Note that the second year domain renewal fee will be $35 and hence its wise for you to transfer domain to other registrars like GoDaddy.

One more important thing is that you will be asked the credit card details during the process and without a credit card, you will not be eligible for this offer – no amount will be deduced, they only ask details.

If anyone has tried this before, please share your experiences :)

You may choose different free webhosting services later on to make your free website.

If you want no hassle, no cost, no credit card, tension free domain name with reliable hosting, HyperWebEnable is the best solution ahead (with two banner ads). You should have an online influence (like a successful blog, forum etc on free platforms) to get the process of acceptance easy.

Note: The screenshots posted here are the ones taken on Internet Explorer, with Firefox, you need to login first to view your shopping cart.

I did not try till the end of the process, nor registered a domain for myself. I cant guarantee about the transfer of registrar on the later part will be as easy as you do in other normal cases. Try it at your own risk. This would specially help if you want a domain just for the purpose of few days/ year (like a college fest, annual announcements, personal domains etc)


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17 Readers responded to this post

The offer is valid but you need to pay 35$ minimum while renewal – You need to let your readers know about this because it would cost them around 4 times more than any other registrar after a year.

@ Amit

Its there already on the second paragraph after second image. My post is born updated with that information 😛 . But could you tell me if they will cause any problem while transferring the domain to other registrars?

Hey Pavan,
I was one of the first persons to know about the promo. See @ . I am amazed that the offer is still working. :O. One big thing you have missed out is that ‘Don’t forget to Uncheck the auto-renewal box. Also one Free Domain per Account.’

Can’t we transfer it to another one like godaddy or so after an year? Do they give verification code to have transferring eligibility?

@ Mihir

I really don’t understand why you guys can’t read the entire article before commenting. Unchecking auto renew is there in the paragraph before the second image, that too it has been bolded. If you have one credit card, you can have one, if you have many, I guess the same number of domains can be obtained, but different registration ids.

@ Rohit

That is the same question in my mind. I have written about that in last paragraph buddy. I am waiting for any experienced person to reply. Even Amit Bhawani has no answer for it….

It seems to be a nice trick but renewal cost is more than others !!!

@ Simran,

It would help if you can transfer it to other registrars without renewing there itself…

So first part is clear. Await for the second part process just like you Pavan.

And agree with you that, people comment without reading the entire article, where as in matter of fact, the answer of their question / comment exist right there in the post they commented under.

I am surprised why anyone will opt for this offer. Microsoft Small Biz offers Free domain name for one year with next renewals at normal $10
Downside – Only for US / Canada Credit cards

@ Arpit

I was not aware of that, thanks for sharing :) If they do not accept international credit cards, that’s definitely a problem… :(

Thanks for sharing the trick

i want to register the domain name in europe and usa for free
my name is sylvia polak i live in poland and work in uk i need it copyrited for free

@ Polak

Your comment is not clear for me, if you want to know about copyright issues, I don’t think you violate anything just by registering the domain name.

Ref: Daily Blog Tips


They added the some shit, so it’s costs 11$ now:

We’ve added Private Domain Registration to each Domain to prevent spam and keep your personal contact information hidden.

hey .com .net .org .us and .info free for a year ?

that’s amazing man…. anybody who has good knowledge of any particular niche can easily earn $35 in the first year and he can pay that amount easily.. thank god nobody has to invest anymore.. they can make money without investing. 😀

@ Shekar

Its even wonderful if you transfer the domain to other registrars…

Well , all of this junk requires a credit card which is a guarantee of risk !
Just try CO.CC (Second Level Domain)

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