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Written by Pavan Kumar on August 17, 2009


Every internet user is aware of domain names, even if he is not aware, he still use them 😉 Here is one domain name which most of internet users have never heard of – .tel domains. Dot Tel domains are next generation phone book where you can store every contact detail of yours in a simple fixed decent layout design. Here are more details about .tel domains.

Dot tel domain names details

What is .tel website / domain?

This is a new kind of way to manage your contact details on the go. Its just your contact page / vCard where you update your contact information.

Who can register a .tel domain? I am not a US citizen.

No problem. .tel can now be registered by anyone anywhere anytime. Its open for public since March 24, 2009. If you go and try now, I hope you can get a .tel for your original name – there have not been so many such .tel domains yet.

Where can I register a .tel domain?

Few of the popular domain registrars now support registrations for .tel domains. You may register with anyone who offer you a competitive price and always go with trusted and popular one. Prices may vary from USD 10 to USD 15.

Where can I host my .tel domain? Does it support free webhosts?

No! There is no need to host the .tel domain. This domain is entirely different from any other kind of domains. Even if you own a server at home, you can’t host your .tel domain there – all .tel domains are hosted with TELNIC (

How about web design? I want to add flash and graphics to my .tel website.

Sorry, that kind of website does not support your customization. Every .tel domain is optimized to work well for each and every device connected to internet. This is supposed to be an online yellow pages which should provide all contact details easily with a click. Few may recreate a website which would hinder the purpose, no design and hosting freedom for you.

Would Google index my .tel site? How is SEO for a .tel domain based website?

Yes, Google can index your .tel website with indexable part like general information, keywords etc. SEO I guess is same as normal domains. Your keywords can be crawled by Google bots. Writing optimized general information (bio), keywords, backlinks "might" help in SEO. Its tough competition ahead for poor content .tel websites to compete with established .com domains and twitter profiles for same name. I think Google (other SEs too) should introduce a way to search only .tel sites.

Oh No, .tel is unsafe, I don’t want my contact details to go in wrong hands!!!

Don’t worry, they provide you privacy options and you can hide private data from public. Only logged in friends can view your private data.

What about Whois? Does it support whois privacy for a .tel domain.

Oh no, this does not support whois privacy. Back off or try using your company information to register your domain.

Can I get a domain mail id like ?

Nopes, domain mail feature is not supported by .tel. Its different. But you can paste your mail id on your .tel page.

What kind of information can I store on my .tel website?

Following information can be stored on your .tel website. It also creates subdomains when required.

  • Contact Info – Mobile, Landline, VoIP, Instant Messaging
  • Content Links – Websites, Blogs, Social Networks
  • Identities – Gaming Platforms, Social Networks
  • Geolocation – Maps for Work, Home, Favorite Restaurant
  • Indexable Text – General Information, Keywords

How is the editing interface for .tel? I am a newbie, I don’t know anything. Where should I edit those details?

Go register for one and tell me about all these 😛 I don’t have any 😉

Any example websites to have a view at?


Where can I get more details about .tel domains and websites?

Tel Domain Names FAQ .com

How many .tel domains sold till now?

Though I am not sure, Domain IP reverse lookup says the server has hosted 10140 sites. Which shows just 10k sites are now registered. Update from DotTelFinder: 225,000+ domains registered already. Go grab yours.

Dot Tel Domain Name Commercials:




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9 Readers responded to this post

Pavan, re Emails. YES YOU CAN HAVE A .TEL EMAIL. I have one at and it’s forwarded by your registrar. So although technically there isn’t an actual .tel email service, it’s handled nicely through forwarding an alias.

re sample sites: check out the powerpoint presentations for our recent at and also which has 200,000+ active domains, many of which are quite extensive eg

Wow, I really like .tel domains. You have all your contact details in one place. Lookup of data is so fast, because it’s stored directly in the Domain Name System. It’s so easy to give someone my contact now and the information is always up to date. It is even possible to call someone directly via his .tel domain.

@ Mark and Walther

Thanks for the comments.

@ Mark

That would be great if you can update more about procedure of forwarding to get a .tel email.

DomainMonster makes it real easy. They have a form within their control panel. For, that was more difficult as I had to create an alias on my target .com domain’s email system first after adding an MX record in the CTH control panel for the .tel domain. Much more complicated.

@ Mark,

Thanks a lot for the update. Hope readers here would find your comments useful 🙂

This domain extension is the best ext. for phone numbers storage but is there any system for managing phone directory online?


That’s a great idea about online phone directory. May be there are some services, I will search more on them and update. FYI, here is the BSNL telephone directory for Indian landlines

Very very interesting one pavan. I thought that .tel is an usual one. And I love that first video.

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