How To Sign Up for Free Google Apps?

Written by Pavan Kumar on June 22, 2009


I have used Google Apps since the beginning of my internet career with this site and have loved the features it provides. Recently I was helping a friend in setting up his domain e-mail and I recommended him the Google Apps as I was happy with it. He shot a mail back complaining that he could not find a free version of Google Apps. Let me tell you what exactly has gone wrong with Google Apps Free version and the solution to sign up free.

Recently when I checked the Google Apps page, even I was confused to see how to register for free. Google has always done good for users, but now it has gone evil with promoting its business edition of Apps. If you visit the Google Apps home page linked above, you will notice only the business version and its details. Even the sign up links given there is of business edition. They also offer you a free trial (demo) – but no free version.

Google apps home page

Returning users have no problem as they can just enter their domain specific login page from home page itself, but all problems for those who want to sign up as a new user.

Here is how to work it out.

Click See details and sign up. The big blue button to sign up.

Now, you will see the details page and there you can locate the standard edition link. Yes, Google does not want to promote their free edition – but now you found it. Sign up! Did you get it? Click on link – Not a Business? Explore Standard Edition.

Google apps standard free edition

OK, here is the quick link for your convenience and my future reference. No one knows, Google may remove that link too and place in some footer which is 1000 pixels below the actual page 😉

Here is how to setup incredimail for Google Apps, you can also use thunderbird for personalized mails.

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10 Readers responded to this post

Hey Pavan,
Thanks a ton. You can say its a coincident or god sent you as angel on internet. I was also using this service for years until I got bored(I usually forgot to login there). But just 5 minutes before (22nd June, 2009 19:55) I was suggesting this to one of my friend who has recently opened his company. I suggested him this for the initial stage and he was really thankful for this. But before this thanks would turn into cursing your tweet popped up.

Thanks buddy. You saved my image in front of him.

I think the comment is sounding funny but its the truth and it happened just happened before your tweet.

Google Apps has some bugs in it. One of my friend used it for 6 months and switched over to another server.

But overall Google apps is good.

@ Abhijeet

Great coincidence – this is the first time I am seeing someone being helped from my post immediately after posting.

@ Shoban

Ohh…. I am not aware of those bugs :(

Here is the direct link:

Dont screw ppl with the tutorial.

@ Prashant Jain

Why did you find it a need to put the same url in comment if I have provided it inside the post?

Hey Pavan,

Today, I planned to setup a Google app ID for my friend as I mentioned before. But now there is a problem there. Its no more available for free. I visited the link and found that there is no “See details and sign up” button rather there is a big blue button saying “Begin Free Trial”.

Then I found that the Quick Link which you have provided worked.

I think Google has become real evil and getting proudy.

@ Abhijeet

Yes, I wonder if Google is following its discussions over the blogosphere 😛 Even there I could find the way to navigate:

Here it is how (If Google changes its page as it has been linked by many blogs :mrgreen: )

Click on Non Profits (footer) > See Details and Sign Up > Not a business? Explore Standard Edition

But yes, Google is showing its greediness 👿

Hey Pavan,

Thats a great idea. Next time I don’t even have to bookmark the quick link, even if they change the page design, my domain will always belong to non-profit thing. Lolz….. Free India, Free Google

thanks… indeed google made it a little hard to get to the free-sign-up page. it requires a little more thinking and digging.

Why would any of you use a company who is trying to make a profit off of an application that cost money to build. Pay and get over it.

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