Perfect Guide to Find Keyword Rich Domain Names for Website SEO Benefits

Written by Pavan Kumar on August 3, 2009


A keyword rich domain is like an instant mix to make food. Keyword based domain names reduce your SEO work by a greater percentage and you will start ranking better for the targeted keywords. People go on using different methods to find out such domains and spend a lot of time searching the available domain names. Here is the way I just worked out which can help you find the keyword rich domain name in your niche.

I have missed the $1.99 godaddy domain coupons just because I did not want any domains to maintain, but remember a web domain is an investment – if you invest for the right .com domain name, you can encash it to a better value if your domain name is worth. I won’t miss any such offer next time, lets start listing very good domain names to use with the next coupon carnival.

Steps to find Niche Keyword Domain Names:

1. Open Google Adwords Keyword Tool > Choose targeting (in case you are targeting a specific country for your website/domain, otherwise use All countries and territories) > Enter all related keywords > Search. Lets take for example Domain Name as the keyword I am searching which has a huge competition and its very difficult to get positions for any related keyword, but its just an example.

Select keyword targeting

Sort based on global search queries, Match type set to exact2. Sort given results in a descending order of global search volume (you may use local search volume of previous available month if your keywords are highly targeted). Make sure the Match Type is set to Exact. Choosing Broad or Phrase Match Type may not be worth while choosing domains as few stopwords may be removed in them. In this example, I enter keywords Domain name, Domain name suggestions, domain name tools, register domain names etc. (Note that this is rough example with high competition keyword, be more specific if you are working seriously).

3. Scroll down and export the list as CSV (for excel). Download the file and open it with MS Excel or any other spread sheet program you use.

Select the keywords from list and copy4. Select the first column where you see the keywords (click on column header line – A), right click on it and copy all rows under that column.

5. Open Notepad and paste all keywords copied.

Trim selected keywords for domain names6. Now in Notepad, Edit > Replace > For Find what enter [ and for replace with, enter nothing > Click Replace All. This replaces all the open square bracket which appears as you use exact match type in keyword tool. Perform same actions with ] and blank space. Now you have a list of domain names you look for while you start your new website. Right click and copy the resultant list. FYI, Ctrl + H is shortcut for replace function.

7. Open Godaddy Bulk Domain Name tool and paste your entire list, choose the TLD you want to search for, enter the captcha and search. Now, you have the list of domain names that are available for registering. Don’t register them, read some important tips below once you are up with this list.

8. Important things to note with the final list:

  • Now, the domain list available with godaddy is the list of domains in decreasing order of global search volume, the first domain in the list is having the most searched keyword.
  • Check if the domain is not odd to remember and type for users.
  • Its best and wise to go with .com domains – globally targeted and cheap.
  • Check the trends in keyword tool if your domain name is having static traffic all over the year.
  • Use only those keywords of available domain names to find out which is more competable(it means, less number of competitors) and searched.
  • You may also use Google Insights to compare different keywords.
  • If you want to use adsense on the domain, also take into consideration the advertiser competition and average cpc for keywords with same adwords tool.
  • Most importantly, be human, think like a human – your visitors should be humans and not bots.

9. If you use this intelligently, you are sure to win yourself a wonderful domain which has some value and is worth to own.

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