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SEO Analysis: Should We Approve Keyword Based Comments on Blogs

Do you approve comments from names which include keywords? Should we approve it or not? Here is what you can do if you are in a confusion about approving a comment from keyword spammers or deleting it. Read the article on what kind of commentators are safe to be approved and who are the ones which require a kick out of your comment section.

1 Minute Image Optimization to Make Website Load Fast

Is your website loading too slow? Its very bad for you and users as slow websites have high bounce rates and won’t work well for human visitors. Slow websites may be a result of unoptimized images. Images should be optimized to achieve fast loading of webpages and here is the easy procedure to reduce the image sizes and create fast loading websites.

What Search Engines Think of “Search Engine”?

Comparing search engines is what everyone do when a search engine hits the market. Lets keep aside all SEO, SERP, bombing or any techie stuffs. Lets compare SEs in lay man’s way! Here is what different search engines have to say about the query “Search Engine”. The irony is only a few think they are the best.

Color Scheme Generators for Cool Web Designs – Make Wonderful Color Schemes for Websites

Create great color schemes for websites. Color scheme generators which can help you create very good color palettes. Make beautiful web designs with cool colors.

Test Internet Connection Speed/Bandwidth with Internet Speed Meters

Test the actual speed at which you are connected to the internet. Use internet speed meters to detect exact speed at which you download / upload data and access internet. Many users of DSL routers confuse the internet connectivity with their LAN speed, but these tools can detect your the connection speed at the moment. ISPs usually fail to provide the agreed bandwidth and here is how you detect the loss.

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