Guide to Buy Refurbished Laptops in India

As per Wikipedia, here goes the definition of refurbished products – Refurbishment is the distribution of products usually electronics and electricals that have been previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons. Refurbished products are normally tested for functionality and defects before they are sold. It is repaired from manufacturer and resold. Buying […]

Secure Internet Privacy with Multi IP Browsing – NewIPNow

Ever exprienced the internet browsing with multiple IPs? Here is a free service which provides you with access to multiple proxies at the same time. Change the IPs for browsing based on speed or geo location which you wish to browse internet with.

Lava S12 Mobile Phone Review – Low Budget Android Phone

Lava Mobiles recently launched their first ever smart phone – S12. Here is a review of the latest smart phone in the market available at a budget price. Phone performs better for its hardware with its own high and lows. Check out for more details.

How To Check Folder Size in Windows 7, Vista – Compare Directory Size

Check and compare folder size of different directories on Windows. A free utility to check, compare file and folder sizes. Also, provides you with neat visual representation of data occupancy by different sub folders and files. Find and delete unwanted files occupying lot of space without your knowledge.

How To Sync Android Phone Contacts with Google Account

If you have any problem with sync of Android phone contacts with Google account, here are clear steps to solve the problem. Get the contacts synced up on Google account so that you will never lose them. Keep a safe backup of all contacts on Google contacts.

How To Test Website Performance From Multiple Geographic Locations

Speed of the webpages is one of the factors to determine how better your website in the market compared to your competitors. Here is a free and easy-to-use tool which can help you determine the speed of website from various locations across the world in four popular browsers. Get to know detailed stats of webpage loading performance for every test.

How To Export and Import Android Phone Contacts in Simple Steps

Safeguard your phone contacts by taking a backup on the memory card. Here are the simple steps to backup and restore any Android phone contacts without any third party software or apps. Take backup of all contacts without connecting to the computer.

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