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Written by Pavan Kumar on May 20, 2008


IncrediMail is a desktop email client with better user interface compared with popular MS-Outlook, Eudora or Thunderbird. It has additional feature like adding custom backgrounds or you can even use any of the beautiful backgrounds which are installed with your package.

Google Apps is service by Google to integrate different google services with your very own domain name. Most common being e-mail like and gTalk within your domain users. Even I use Google Apps for my corporate mail id. Like normal GMail, it also provides POP3 and IMAP access and this is the tutorial to use IncrediMail with Google Apps or GMail.


1. Download and install IncrediMail from here.

2. Enable POP in your GMail Settings.

2. In IncrediMail, click on Tools > Accounts > Click Add.


3. Enter your name as you would like to appear in the mails you mail to and your mail id.


4. In the next step, you have to configure your mail servers, I have shown here using POP3. Enter for incoming and for outgoing server. [Its same for both gmail and google apps.]


5. Enter your user name and password which you use to access your mail on google interface. Apps users enter and gmail users enter


6. You will be presented with process end screen. BUT YOU ARE NOT DONE! Click ok.


7. Again, click Tools > Accounts > select the account you created and click properties. Goto Servers > Check "My server requires authentication" [not shown in picture]. Goto Advanced > Change port addresses as below and Check "This server requires a secure connection[SSL]". Also check "Leave a copy of messages on server" for backups if you need. The port numbers are configured as follows.

Outgoing mail [SMTP] : 25 or 465 or 587

Incoming mail [POP3] : 995


8. Now, you have done all the required settings. Now, you can access your mails through IncrediMail. To download your mails, just click on Send/Receive and to write mails, click on New Mail. It has lot of beautiful options which you can learn by using repeatedly.


If you use any other client, you can get required instructions on google help.


The following are the screenshots of ready background templates why I prefer IncrediMail for more beautiful presentation of mail.




In my next post, I am going to discuss about sending personalized mails (you send mails to all of your friends, but they feel that only they received that mail). Keep subscribed.


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23 Readers responded to this post

I have heard a lot about IncrediMail, but never actually gave it a try. Will try it out on the weekend!

Hariss last blog post..Amazing Face Art

@ Hairs

You may give it a try, but I guess you stick on to that…

Good tutorial, I have configured Google Apps for Outlook 2007 currently.

Nirmals last blog post..How to Export Websites in Security Zone to another PC

Great tutorial but it will certainly slow down my computer.But i loved the illustration…

Rockstar Sids last blog post..Google content network accept third party ads

@ Nirmal

I started using IncrediMail after I read about that in your blog :smile:

@ Sid

You may not use for normal mails, but to send wishes, greetings and beautiful forward messages, you may use it. Give it a try… Thanks for complement :smile:

Very nice tutorial :)
I used to use incredimail 😀
its very nice by interface and layout :mrgreen:

@ Siddharth

Thank you dude…

Yesterday the site was down for some time.
Nice tut… But I don’t like desktop cients 😛

@ Gaurav

I know, currently my site is not performing very well. We are moving to a new server in few days and I hope no problems then onwards. Desktop clients are good for one reason and parallelly not so for some other. Though I love to use Incredimail, my favorite is Yahoo! mail beta.

nice tutorial..but i would suggest the mini email client eprompter – going to review it soon

just in case if you wanna give a try

abhisheks last blog post..Download and Convert youtube videos to any format with Abcc Free Youtube FLV Downloader AND Converter


Currently I switch on my PC just to check mails and to reply comments. I am busy with exams. I try it later, thanks for the comment.

Never used IncrediMail, but sounds really good. I have outlook 2007 and it’s a beast, eats up RAM like nothing else! Thanks for the info.

Aseem Kishores last blog post..Rearrange taskbar buttons and system tray icons with Taskbar Shuffle

@ Aseem Kishore

If you consider RAM, IncrediMail also consumes some 15MB to run in background and even more than some 30-35MB for user interface, but the experience with this cannot be obtained with any other client. As you consider RAM as important factor, you must give a try to thunderbird. Its efficient with RAM.

A huge thankyou!!!
I love incredimail & am joined to a few incredimail-only groups. However I recently changed internet providers & have a new email address but couldnt get them to work with incredimail – now, thanks to you, it works just fine!

@ Tracy

Few free mail providers like Yahoo! don’t provide POP3 access. Anyway, if it works for hotmail, its good.

I used to use IncrediMail but when I switched to gmail I stopped. I don’t like gmail for many reasons that I won’t get into but wonder if I download IncrediMail again, while keeping my gmail account, CAN I WORK OFFLINE while keeping gmail as my server?

? ????? ??? ?????? ??????, ???? ????? ? ??? ??????????, ?????? ???? ????? ??????? ????? ?? ??? ???????? ??? ?? ?? ??????? ????????.


Replying in English as I cannot write your language. Its not wise to copy the entire article. Please read it clearly, understand it and write on your own. Its always good to link to that particular page rather than home page as readers will find where to look if they feel the article confusing or if they need more information.

your blog does not include instruction for setting imap but you put imap in your blog title


I guess some confusion at your end. I have not used imap term in blog / post / page title. I just said to integrate with Gmail or Google Apps.

Anyway, did you find it so difficult? I had configured it for thunderbird, the problem is that it used to work highly slow for the number of mails I used to get. I think you can try out yourself with whatever the explanation google gives you. If you find extremely difficult, you can shoot a mail for me. Also, try thunderbird than incredimail, thunderbird is much fast and easy…

its very very help full……… every time when i started incredimail it will starts loading…… and i dont know how to signout or get privaciy…. by with out using others………….
please help me

I have a question: I am using incredimail at home [gmail] with out any issues. But when I connect to my office VPN it stops working. I guess predefined ports for smtp [465] and POP3 are already being used. Is there a way to get this incredimail work when i connect to my office also.

And is there a way to configure my Exchange account to Incredimail.

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