How to Reverse Check Sites Hosted on Your Server

Written by Pavan Kumar on July 2, 2009


Many of the webmasters host their websites on shared servers. Shared server is a concept where hosting company will put many websites of their customers on a single machine sharing all the resources of one system among different users. Many companies provide unlimited storage and bandwidth (unlimited is a definite misnomer and impossible concept – its just to say limits are high), but no web host say its giving unlimited resources like processor and memory usage.

When the number of websites increase on a server, it leads to sharing the same resource among many users – which further leads to reduction of available resources. If one high traffic website exist on a shared server – it consumes huge resources and results in the entire server being down affecting all websites hosted. To overcome such problems, hosting companies usually allot a certain resource to every website and suspend that website to avoid server outage.

Why would someone want to reverse check IP of their domain?

As described above – in shared servers the number of websites hosted inversely affects the available resources for one website. If you know the number of websites hosted on the server which hosts your website and your site keeps on failing regularly – you can reverse check the IP of your domain and if it holds huge number of websites (compared to other sites on same web host) you probably may discuss this with support team for your website performance issues.

One more reason is SEO related. Thought Google never said they reverse look up IP to measure a website, but experts still say that bad neighbors still affect site ranking in search engines. These tools help you know if you are hosted on a machine which hosts that BAD site.

How to check websites hosted on server of your domain?

There are many services to check out the reverse IP query of your domain – but the ones which appear on top results on Google usually fail to work 😉 So, here is the quick list of few services which can be of help during times.

1. Reverse IP Lookup

This is an ajax based tool which is quite impressive like the domain search tool. Loads the results quick – access it here.

2. ipNEAR – Reverse IP Domain Checker

Even this tool is good, but little slow in querying and retrieval at the time of testing. Check it out here [].

3. myIPneighbours: Reverse IP Lookup & Domain Check DNS tool

MyIPneighbours has been a popular tool since a long time. Try it here.

There are many other tools for the same purpose, but some are paid and some don’t work. If you use any other tool, please comment below to let the other world know what you use 😛


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Nice tools, sometimes it is really important to check shared ID.

@ Sanjeev

Shared ID ? I did not get you :(

This tool is helpful..

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