How to Search 5/6 Letter Niche Domain Names/Creative Domain Names

Written by Pavan Kumar on January 9, 2009


You are probably not so much aware of Brand Name Generator tools. They are the tools with the help of which you can make creative new brand names. The brand names can be generic or not, it all depends on your settings.

Let me start:

The tool used: Brand Name Generator. Visit once to get the idea what is been discussed below.

Niche Domain Names – Specific Prefix Name:

Domain NamesSay, I want to open a website which deals only on Google stuffs, I want to have a domain name which has the name Google, preferably at the beginning. Also, it is most common that we look for domains with least number of characters. The setting I should use is as below:

Vowels: 0%, consonants: 0%, Max Letters: 10, Prefixes: 0%, Suffixes: Some high %, Slice Words: Uncheck

Let us see what each of them does.

Vowels and consonants are the percentage values by which your keyword letters will be "replaced". As you want google to be present as it is, make these setting 0%. Maximum letters determine the maximum letters in your domain name. Prefixes defines the percentage by which your keyword can be prefixed. If google is your keyword, you may get result like kkgoogle if you add prefix. Make it 0 in this case. Coming to the important part, adding suffix, in this case keyword is Google and you want brand name of 10 letters. So, allow some suffix here. Slicing words will cut/split words, better uncheck.

Result : Found still unregistered.

Domain Name Suggestion

Creative Domain Names:

Settings: Keeping all above settings same, just change the vowel and consonant count.

Results: Keyword-logo, found,, – 6 letters,,, – 5 letters

The above are just examples and you can find many such names. Also, note that all the ones mentioned above are .com names, if you want other top level domain extensions, you will get more options.

You may find the names are simply meaningless and useless, but observe clearly, they are easy to remember and easy to pronounce. There are many sites with such domains being more popular. Take for example, – I don’t find meanings of vakow or voxox on my dictionary, but still people find the names cool.

If you find my approach useful and register any of the domain names suggested here, please bookmark us on your favorite social site and please post a comment to say thanks :-)


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I bought around 4 domains last week and I did use some other domain name generator, but ultimately I chose something which I had thought of previously! But didn’t know about this one. Thanks Pavan!


Welcome Raju, I know someone will make use of it.

Buying and selling domains is the most profiltable business these days.I also wrote about the same topic today :)


Profitable, but intelligent game…

Good tips pavan.

We had a good discussing on techzoomin.Are you in this domains business now? I need some help if you are in?


Welcome here. For the current time being, I am not in the domain business. You can find more such resources to learn things online :-)

Thank you very much Pavan.. I think this will be very helpful for me..


I am damn sure! It will help you :-)

take look at our new domain suggestion tool

Best regards,
Vanja Djuric

Thanks for the information TechPavan. I liked that comic illustration you made. Quite good.

similar- Domain Name Suggestion in 3 Simple Steps –

http ://

Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

nice! i’m gonna make my own journal

I would to know if anyone knows of a site that will easily find variations in keywords to help you find relevant name for your domain name.
By the way, thanks for the great resource above.

Good idea there, I was running out of options since domain hacks like ‘’ or ‘bl.og’ should be taken by now.

I want to make a job website & I want domain suggestion on it,, plz suggest any one & mail on my email id –

Thanks, I got some idea but is it different from when you go to and check for available domain name, so it gives you other ideas related to your search.

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