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Written by Pavan Kumar on October 24, 2008



Since few days, I have started using this plugin and I see more number of people contact me to know what it is and how is it performing. It was never before I experienced so many people contact me asking about one particular plugin. Of course, people contact me more for assistance regarding orkut scraps on mobile, orkutfeeds and hyperwebenable. Apart from this, I get few mails related with blog roll. I thought it would be very useful for people if I blog about that.

It is not any copy paste code – note this because few blogger guys asked me how to use it. It is not possible for blogger users.

It is a wordpress plugin named Stumble! for WordPress. I feel it is my duty to make it popular as I am seeing it very useful and multiplies traffic on my blog. You all know StumbleUpon, and this is again StumbleUpon within your blog posts.

Stumble upon logoInstallation is very simple as any other normal plugin. Just copy paste the folder and activate plugin or use one click installer plugin. I did not worry about customization as I am not much concerned about the theme I am using. I will think about customization of the plugin for my next theme.

How it works?

Stumble upon for wordpress

When you install your plugin and activate it, all your posts will be appended with an image button indicating "Liked this Article? Read Another similar article". When a user clicks on that, he will be taken to a similar post. It is recommended to have related posts plugin installed. When a user lands on one particular page, if he [I usually don’t use the word "she", because of this reason 😀 , I am sorry for exceptions] likes the article, he will click on that and reads another related post. This process continues and hence your traffic is multiplied. You may also include few other pages of your blog or any url which you want to be indexed by this plugin. You can even configure it to stumble through posts based on comments. It would be better to leave the default configuration.

I recommend it if you have wordpress. Better customize it to suit your design.

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5 Readers responded to this post

Cant I use the random post plugin…. along with similar post to create a function which redirects to a random post when I click it??


That can be configured in the settings…

Ah!! its a nice plugin.. I wrote about it last week :)

It looks nice. Will give it a go

I installed it as soon as I read it on your blog.
My experience says its worth using it.

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