Sunday Pastime #17: How Girls Download Videos

Written by Pavan Kumar on September 14, 2008



What do you think of girls? Leave other things apart. What I feel is that they are not so much tech savvy as we guys are! [every statement has a lot of exceptions]. Out of nearly 600 comments I have received on my blog, not even 50 comments are from girls. Let me see if any girl is going to comment on this post at least. This is a forward mail I received which reflects the way how girls download videos from video streaming sites. Of course, this is the reality when I consider my friends from college.

Are you a girl? Don’t blame me, its a forward mail. Anyway, if you really don’t know how to do it, read tutorial to download videos from streaming sites. Another related post: If youtube is blocked by your ISP, unblock youtube here.

A girl downloading video from youtube


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15 Readers responded to this post

HaHaHa.. This is really a very good picture indeed…. Yeah I too agree with Pavan.. That Girls are not that Techy…. May be they love some other domains… (Shopping??)
Anyways thanks for sharing..

@ Samrat

AFAIK, girls are quite interested in social websites like orkut [in India] or facebook or hi5 or any other like that…. I don’t even expect them to be interested with shopping sites or so.. But they may be interested in watching products in shopping sites but not purchasing. Probably, as the image shows, they might be interested in video sharing sites…

ha ha!! thats funny!!! There are lot of exp for me as well!! dealing with non tech savvy girls!!!

@Shoban – Me too same case… None of the girls I know are interested in tech things…

lol ,hahahaa

Yea… Pavan is absolutely correct
nd I bet no girl will reply to this topic 2 😉

@Madhur Kapoor and @Deepak

Glad that you people are enjoying the pic…

everyone ll not be like that. only some are intersted in non techy. you cant decide it by looking at 1 or 2


Interested in non techy – quite weird statement. I have not decided anything here, just read the article again…

AFAIK you are the second girl to comment on my blog… 😉

LOL, great….

I didn’t think of this when i read the title of the post.. :)

hi ,ths is sunny i studied all ur articles i want to know more about windows xp tips

@Nihar – May I know what you thought of ❓

@Vijay – 😀

@sunny – Keep visiting, lot more to come

Tech world is ruled by Guys!Proud to be a boy.LOLZ

Hilarious one.

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