Reduce Bounce Rate for WordPress Blogs with Link-Within Plugin

Written by Pavan Kumar on July 15, 2009


Bounce rate is the percentage of your visitors who leave your website after just a single page view. High bounce rate is really an unhealthy factor for any website, but there are ways to tackle this high bounce rate to keep visitors engaged within your blog. There are many ways you can counter this high bounce rate and improve website performance.

Adding links within blog posts do a great job in SEO factors as well as keeping readers engaged in reading the content which results in a reduced bounce rate. Many of the bloggers add related posts which is of course a wonderful advantage bloggers can get – related posts will suggest reader where to go next after completed reading one post. Some customize wordpress sidebar to include recent and featured posts as done here currently – even that is good, but not the best.

Recently I came across another wordpress plugin which can help to reduce the bounce rate by much better extent. This is done by replacing the text based related posts with a thumbnail image and text based one. This is almost same as what you see in many news websites or IMDB. An image is worth thousand words and adding an attractive image below the post will make the user tend to click on them to read the next related content.

thumbnail based related posts

If you are interested to try out that plugin, head over to Link Within – provide your details, download and install wordpress plugin. Also make sure you have analytics script installed to measure your bounce rate once you change the plugin. If it does not count for you, you may anytime remove that and get back to YARPP.

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7 Readers responded to this post

Looks decent enough… I have been trying to register and download the plugin, but everytime it says “invalid blog URL”, tried contacting the developers, no reply yet. Let me see what happens

@ Raju,

As I opened the file, there are no mentions about the blog url in the plugin file. So, what I suggest is you may use my url which works and get the plugin, install it on yours and test if it works fine. If not, remove 😛

Bounce rate has always been my favorite topic. I am finding it really difficult to bring it down from the current 70%. My bounce rate from search traffic is the highest (73% or so) and i need to really work on this. There has to be something on the header of the page that needs to be attractive and provide further linking I guess :)

Will try these plugins at leissure.

@ Ajith,

Your bounce rate is far better than mine, mine is around 80%. What I can say with my blog is – a css modification for hyperlinks can reduce the bounce rate. My current styling for links are quite invisible with those echotopic ads, a modification for that will definitely help.

Thanks a lot for this useful article. But I had difficulty navigating past your site because I kept getting 502 bad gateway error. Just thought to let you know.

Awesome – just installed the app and it’s perfect… thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. Just checked my most viewed blog post last month and it had a whopping 94% bounce rate so I knew I needed to do something. Curious as to why you don’t use it on your blog too – I notice you just have the text version.

Does the font and color used on the blog also influence bounce rate ?
Which is the best theme for wordpress to have a low bounce rate ?

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