Get Orkut Scraps on your mobile phone: Part1 – India

Written by Pavan Kumar on March 8, 2008


This article provides you with a very simple method to get orkut scraps delivered directly into your mobile phone as sms messages. The pages you may subscribe are scrapbook, community pages or even community messages. All the messages will be delivered free of cost. Following are the steps to get any orkut page as sms to mobile:

1. Register your mobile phone to MyToday. MyToday supports almost all networks in India.

2. Login to your orkut account and navigate to the page to which you wish to subscribe.

3. Copy the URL of the above page. It should be copied completely including http://. URL can be found in the address bar (where you enter of your browser.

4. In other window/ tab, open the orkutfeeds site and in the field provided, paste the above orkut URL and click on subscribe.


5. Now, copy the URL of subscription page as said above.

UPDATE: It is enough here.Google will help from now! For further steps follow our Google sms channels tutorial as MyToday has stopped serving for feed updates.

6. Open your MyToday account, and navigate to a page as seen in the snap in the following way:

a. Under My tab, click on feeds.

b. Under My Folders, click on Manage feeds.

c. Under Folders tab, click on SMS.

d. You will now get into a page as shown in the snap below.


7. Enter the name as you wish. Say, “My scraps” and at the URL field, paste the URL which you have copied from orkutfeeds subscription page, check Send SMS, click Create.

8. You’re done! Now, you can expect your scraps delivered into your mobile phone as and when your scrapbook updates.

The whole process should take 5 minutes at the most.


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29 Readers responded to this post

Hey I HAVE ALL THNG AS MENTION ABOVE. Bt i cnnt get scrap in my mobile inbox. It shows in my mytoday account. So, plz help to get scrap in my mobile inbox.

You will not get the scraps immediately as your scrapbook updates, the feed will be updated very soon, but the sms will be sent at some regular time in a day. I usually get sms during night, or if it is an earlymorning scrap, I get it during some part of day… I think by this time, you have got the sms…

TechPavan’s last blog post..Get email updates on mobile for FREE !!!

Dude, I keep getting the following error when trying to do it. What cud be the prob? Kindly replay in my blog:

“Could not add to feeds: Feed not supported”

If so is the case, I recommend you to use feedburner to convert your current feed into a feedburner feed and use that feedburner feed in your mytoday account. I could not moderate your post at right time as of faulty internet at my side and am busy with project work. Sorry for the delay…

TechPavan’s last blog post..Sensiva :: Makes your computing easy

Oops! I forgot to mention that other feeds are working! Like Comments to my blog and so on… I aint able to add feeds to my Orkut Scrapbook only!!!

That works for all feedburner feeds …

TechPavan’s last blog post..Sensiva :: Makes your computing easy

india and brazil people are great fan of orkut !!!!!!


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Hi Pavan,
Found ur blog very useful n interesting, great work man.

I was trying d above trick but wenever i put my scrapbook URL in orkutfeeds/feedburner it doesnt work. Orkutfeeds gives d following error, why???

Invalid UID Supllied. Please note that UID must contain only numbers!

@Saurabh Gupta

I actually did not understand what the problem is. I have forwarded your problem to the author of orkutfeeds.

Alternately you may use a similar service located here:

Any more updates from the author will be updated soon.

@Pavan Kumar
Thnx bro, i’ll b waiting 4 ur reply then…

Its Rahul from Orkutfeeds.
The error you described above pops-up when URL you paste is invalid. (or it seems invalid to orkutfeeds parser)

Please paste URL you were trying here. If its bug on Orkutfeeds side, I wwill surely correct it.

Thanks for inputs about orkutfeeds blog. :-)

@Saurabh Gupta

Also, it wont work if your scrapbook is private. You need to add orkutfeeds bot into your friends list so as to get access to your feeds.

Here is the orkut feeds bot:

@Rahul Bansal
This is d URL of my scrapbook, m trying
also i hv added d orkutfeeds bot in my frnds list.
Wat next???

@Saurabh Gupta

Now I got to know what is the error in your case… You have just entered to your scrapbook from your “Home” page. Follow these simple steps and get your work done.

1. Visit any of your friends’ profile.
2. Browse his friends list to find you. Probably you can find it directly in his profile page. [alternately you can directly click on “profile” in the left sidebar of orkut]
3. Now, click on “scrapbook” in the LEFT SIDE BAR – not at the top of the page.
4. Hope you got your scrapbook url as this:

5. Use this url in orkutfeeds page.

@Pavan Kumar
Thnx 4 replying Pavan, sum how i managed to get d URL Yesterday. I hv completed all d steps in ur tutes but m not getting d SMSs………not even after 24hrs.

@Saurabh Gupta

MyToday is not working for now, use google channel and it works fine….

Check out if orkut feeds bot is in your friend list if you have private scrapbook…

Hey Pavan,
1st thing 1st-Million thnx 4 helping me here. Finally m getting d Scrap Alerts on my phone. Though Google Channel just gives u d alerts n not d actual scrap, which is a Big limitation.
But still Sumthing is better than nothing….if u know any other service which sends d scraps as well, it gonna b GREAT.

@Saurabh Gupta

Glad that you finally succeeded in getting scrap sms. I dont understand the exact reason why you cannot get the scraps [limited to sms character count], may be because of large heading of orkutfeeds.

Regarding other ways to get scraps, orkut itself has a mobile settings page [], if yours is one among the supported network, you can get and also send scraps. May be that costs you, I am not sure…

If it were something related with email or any online kind of alerts, anyone would have developed it [one is already available here:, but this sms kind of things requires investment. To purchase a gateway for no profit you make is not likely for anyone, so we don’t have any…

Users check out this post to get full scraps delivered.


good one bro..I have written about receiving Email via SMS for free..If you not heard about it do check.Its also via mytoday oly.

NO Did not hear about it…Any how great bro:-)

Hi buddy,

I gotta say that this was a pretty impressive posting, especially considering it was one of your first. It’s great to see your easy to read and simple to follow tutorial and I appreciate you sharing it with me. I’ve enjoyed all the other work I’ve seen of yours as well and it’s great to keep up with you on Twitter.


@ Brian

Thanks a lot for your complements :) I love to have been networked with you :)

I have done everything as mentioned above but it is not working it is showing that your scrapbook is private and some more error like this now what should i do???

@ Anuj

Such problems has occurred for few people in the past. Please go through previous comments to find your solution :)

tis is the best site

good sharing dud, good to know about

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