Get a free domain name by cheating a top blogger!

Written by Pavan Kumar on July 4, 2008



This is a quick post just to create awareness. While reading feed, I got to know that one of the top Indian bloggers Amit Bhavani is conducting a contest to provide a chance to win a .info domain everyday. There is a game called escape game and you need to escape from randomnly moving bars, if you can make your way to escape for 25 seconds  or more, you are in to the contest. You will get a .info domain registered for free. Domains are registered as one per day and on first come first served basis.

Now, I am coming to the point. This is a very old game I had tried a year back. There is a trick to win domain name everyday which I am going to discuss here.

The escape game

Let me explain the game first. The above image shows the initial setup of the game. The four blue bars will be moving randomnly and the red bar is the one which you need to hold using your mouse pointer and move so that you escape from being hit by either blue bars or black edges.

Coming to the rear end of this game, the coding is done so as to fetch the current system time at the starting and ending of the game and the difference is calculated, and that difference is the time you escaped from being hit. The trick lies here. If you start the game, initially you will get enough time to change the system time to the desired value when you park the red bar at the top left corner as in the screenshot below. A good observation and a little bit of experience can make you expert in that.

Thw winning screenshot


The top scorer Pavan Kumar AR

Got the trick? Now, you can make as much time as you want and get your domains registered. Just look at the screenshot above, will Amit buy me as I am the top outperformer in the list? Amit, better stop this and save your money.


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38 Readers responded to this post

Well you have proved yourself :) A Smart Techie πŸ˜‰
May be i will have to commit to the promise and offer these domain names to some people and later stop :) It would not be fair for those genuine players right :)
Thanks for checking out though!
Amit Bhawani

This has made me subscribe and recommend my blog to my network too :)
Good job!

@ Amit

Thanks for compliments…

Hey This is Cheat He edit this on photoshop Look there is photoshop running on bar..

@ Hussam Danwer

Nice observation, photoshop will always run while I blog as all my images are edited on photoshop only. I used photoshop just to take screenshot. You try the method I have mentioned, it works for sure… Try out…

@ Pavan Kumar.
Ok Pavan i agree with u.. but if you try this 1 year ago so how you remember the games steps… i am trying for three days now i succeeded.. :d to 25 Seconds..

@ Hussam Danwer

Actually I don’t play much games… and this was one peculiar game and I remembered that as I had taught the same for many of my friends and now the opportunity came to make the blogosphere know about that….

@ Pavan Kumar..
Hmm.. Nice.. But yeh Amit bhai domain kab dilayengain 3 din ki mehnat thi meri :(
aap ke to friend hain i think πŸ˜€

@ Hussam Danwer

Sorry to say, Amit will stop the contest soon, check out. You have done a wonderful job by playing with full effort. It needs some experience and much concentration to play.

Till now, I just used to read feeds from Amit and not so active on his blog. Lets wait and see what will be the future…

@ Pavan Kumar..
I know Amit Patel will stop the contest but he donnot stop untill know .. before stopping contest i play that game and win it :(..

thnx for appreciating..
ok i will be wait for amit’s feeds.

Looks like a great tip.
But I don’t feel like cheating Amit. Otherwise also, the contest seem to be ending / ended.
But nice info.

@ Silki

Thank you. Even I don’t want him to be cheated by anyone, so posted. A notable point here is that Amit has not yet stopped the contest. So, even I and my readers can also participate.

@ Hussam Danwer

I got to know you are one of the winners. Congrats….

Unethical Way…. thats Sad

@ BlogsDNA

That’s what is my intention, he should not get cheated by anyone unethically.

@ Pavan Kumar

Pavan I win game but amit is not registering my domain i think this is not good for his website no one will come and play game if he do this with all

I don’t know about nything else..but this trick works for sure…i got around 45 seconds score with this trick

I don’t want the .info domain i can buy one for me myself….but this trick is a good find..gr8 work pavan.

here is the screen shot at

@ Hussam Danwer

.info is nothing for him. He will contact you back soon. If you need his mail id, I will mail you that. Wish you achieve your success with this new .info domain.

@ Abhishek

You can even make it for days… πŸ˜€

@ Silki

Amit has officially stopped the contest now.

this game is really wonderful

@ Ajay

Surely, the game is awesome, thumbs up for the coder….

@ Pavan Kumar..
Pavan thanks i have his email id..

Guys the contest was stopped for 2 reasons as earlier mentioned at my blog, you would see a real good contest now which would be worth 2000$ and seriously no troubles like this game where 2 guys lost their mouse playing and trying to win it πŸ˜€ Stay Tuned!
Note : All the Winners were already awarded with their domain names no wonder people dont respect for others time and just keep buzzing for something which they are awarded for free, they still post negative comments even though they have won, may be this may make them lose future prizes πŸ˜‰
Good Luck!

lol, you really caught a good glitch there Pavan!
Did you win any of the domains? πŸ˜€

@ Fahad

Why would I post this hack if I had any plan to win a domain. I did not participate, and nor won….

Nice one Pavan! But anyways .info domains are not the best ones around. Better stay away from .info as Google bots consider many of them as spammers.

@ Nirmal

You are right. .info domains are cheap compared with others and hence the easy victims for spammers.

@ Nirmal its true they are cheap, but dont mention a wrong rumour saying google bots just take any .info as spammy domains. There are seriously many good websites based on .info and also highly ranking too. Its just like spreading a wrong rumour in the minds of new webmasters who are still learning about seo related stuff.

Its not because info domains are cheap, they are considered as spammers. I’m not spreading any false rumour here. Check out Webmasterworld forum, there are ‘n’ number of cases of .info domains being penalized by google. But that doesnt mean all are penalized. The chances are more.
anyways, .info are not the best sought after domains.

I have to agree with Nirmal on this one. I too have spoken to a couple of guys whose .info domains have been penalised in google. So you really should look to avoid them.

hats off to you Pavan, Nice trick.
Did you win any domain? what URL then?
I am asking because, its written that blogging abt it will make u win a domain.

@ Rohit

I never had a plan to win such domain. And I did not approach him regarding the domain as I have blogged about him. Even if I get one, I am not sure if I can sell that for a cool price.

looks like a fun game and if you loose you left nothing you win you get something πŸ˜‰

Well i was searching to get a free domian ….
let’s give it a try πŸ˜€
Thanks Pavan

@ Mayur

If you are planning to switch to domain, why use .info if you can get top domains for FREE. Check this out….

Good to see that you tracked this one and could find a trick to cheat.. actually to show how people could cheat in that game.
Thanks for sharing and the title of the post was obviously catchy!

Amit would have just given away many domains unknowingly before you posted this.

@ Chetan

Thanks for the compliments…

Not many, he has given few… As he used to give only one domain per day… Even after my post, he did not stop the contest immediately, he awarded few ones… My post was published just the next day his contest arrived….

@ Pavan Kumar – I continued the contest for some days because i didnt want people to think this as a fake contest and these small prizes would not cost much :) when compared to the amount of happiness the winners get!

@ Amit

That’s great. A top blogger considering the happiness of visitors … Of course $1/day is not a considerable amount for you. You even got some backlinks and enhanced the buzz of your blog….

It is also a fact that I created some buzz for my blog… πŸ˜‰

Anyways for the people who stumble upon this link, I have a “Win Free Domain” Contest currently on my blog! Don’t forget to check it out..

Every single month I hold a free domain contest :)

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