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Written by Pavan Kumar on April 17, 2008


A few days back I discussed about alexa can be used as a thumbnail utility. A recent announcement from Alexa told that they are changing the way they rank different websites.


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Till date Alexa used to measure the traffic ranks based on the toolbar users all over the internet. Now, they have changed the way they monitor traffics of different sites and it seems this time, they are not going to disclose any hints regarding their monitoring sources or mechanism.

Morning I noticed changes in rankings of all sites I visited and am going to share them with you now. These are few sites which I visit regularly with old and new rankings approximately.



  • Old rank : 418 or 419
  • New rank : 539




  • Old rank : 473, 733
  • New rank : 527, 450 :: Don’t mind, my site was down for 2 days and hence no traffic that time…


Life Rocks 2.0:


  • Old rank : some 70k odd
  • New rank : 65, 139


Devil’s Workshop:


  • Old rank : some 129k odd
  • New rank : 65, 928 :: Of course a great jump, congrats Rahul.

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I saw this change yesterday. Mine was 83k and now its 65k.

Nirmal’s last blog post..Alexa Changes Website Ranking System

this new rank has incresed my traffic rank before my rank was around 17lac and now it is around 11lac

ajay’s last blog post..Forget CAPTCHA use ASIRRA

@ Nirmal
It might be because, you would have got more traffic from those without alexa toolbar and the ranking now might be the proper one. Congrats for that…
Your site content is good, you will definitely get good traffic and hence the ranking. Your ranking has increased 10 times than what change I have seen here on this blog…

Pavan Kumar’s last blog post..Trace anonymous phone numbers with TP2Location

All this change did was make the Alexa numbers inaccurate all the way around. At one time, as long as you stuck to tech sites, you could use the numbers with some accuracy. Not any more.

Stephan Miller’s last blog post..Alexa, Close But No Cigar

To be frank, Alexa was almost inaccurate before this move, relying only on the toolbar collected data. Now they have started collecting data from “more sources”. So, a chance that “more sources” are more accurate than a single toolbar…

Pavan Kumar’s last blog post..Trace anonymous phone numbers with TP2Location

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