How to upgrade your wordpress in hyperwebenable

Written by Pavan Kumar on April 21, 2008


UPDATE: Check out One Click Plugin Updater as one click installer is no more supported.


I have told you how to register and host on your own domain for free. The next question arose at that time was about changing themes on such a system where ftp is not supported. I have discussed solution for that too. The next problem arose for me here when new wordpress versions arrived. The problem was how to upgrade the wordpress software to the newer ones. Here I want to share my experience to favor all hyperwebenable users.

As you all know how to add a new plugin into your wordpress, I directly provide different steps to upgrade your wordpress software.

1. Install the instant upgrade plugin for wordpress using one click installer.

2. Goto plugins in wp-admin, and activate the instant upgrade wordpress plugin.

3. In options/settings tab, configure the upgrade plugin to HTTP and save. Remember, we don’t have FTP access in hyperwebenable.


4. Install and activate (If you don’t have) wp-db-bakcup plugin and take a backup of your database.

5. Goto manage tab in wp-admin, click on Instant Upgrade.

6. Specify the version you want to upgrade. You can get the exact version numbers / names from wordpress release archive. Note that, this plugin do not support for downgrade of wordpress, you need to choose the new version than the one you currently run. I recommend you to choose the latest one rather than specifying the version manually. Now, click on Upgrade my wordpress. Wait for next page to load, don’t interrupt in middle of the process. Take care for a minute as you do in case of firmware upgrading because if anything goes wrong, you will need to start shooting mails to support to get it fixed, you don’t have any other option. Take optimal care.


7. You are done! You will be presented with a page like the one below.

The whole process will be done instantly and wont take much time.


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22 Readers responded to this post

dear sir,

i am shyam sunder,i got webdomain from hyperwebenable, iam facing a problem with instalation of themes and plugins ….

can any one guide me to install the themes and plugins.


@ h

This post [] will help you… check out

hi pavan i have one Question hyperwebenable are sitemap ready for better seo?

Hi Pavan.. I am newbie on hyperweb enable. I get a WordPress 2.7 (latest) machine on my blog. the problem is “oneclick” doesn’t compatible with my WP2.7.
How should I do?
How to install plugins without “oneclick” ?



One click plugin updater is working fine on wp2.7. You can also try wp easy uploader.

In manual way, you can simply unzip the zip file on your system and transfer the unzipped plugin folder to your wp-content/plugins folder on your wp installation….

when I trying to upload a plugins or theme, I get this message

Warning: move_uploaded_file(/home/ahyaric/public_html/wp-content/plugins/oneclick// [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/ahyaric/public_html/wp-content/plugins/oneclick/oneclick.php on line 437

Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable to move ‘/tmp/phpGVtkXW’ to ‘/home/ahyaric/public_html/wp-content/plugins/oneclick//’ in /home/ahyaric/public_html/wp-content/plugins/oneclick/oneclick.php on line 437

Warning: unlink(/home/ahyaric/public_html/wp-content/plugins/oneclick// [function.unlink]: No such file or directory in /home/ahyaric/public_html/wp-content/plugins/oneclick/oneclick.php on line 439

and under the section “diagnostic”, i’ve got :

Oneclick folder is NOT configured correctly. Click here to rectify.
Plugins folder is NOT configured correctly. Click here to rectify.
Themes folder is NOT configured correctly. Click here to rectify.
An Update is available.Click here to install

What should I do Now?

You said “In manual way, you can simply unzip the zip file on your system and transfer the unzipped plugin folder to your wp-content/plugins folder on your wp installation….”

How? in hyperwebenable we didn’t get FTP detail. Right?

Thanks for explenation and sorry for my bad english.. I’m From Indonesia
Nice to “see” You

FYI, FTP details are provided by hyperwebenable only on request. FTP details are not provided by default because it is a risk at the blogger’s end if something goes wrong. You can mail the admin about the problem and can get configured your installation or otherwise you may request for FTP details.

Ok.. I’ve been contacted the admin..
Thanks for your advise..

HTTP permissions check

HTTP permissions check failed.
Not all required files/directories are writable.

On most servers, your WordPress files are not writable by the webserver by default. In that case, it is strongly recommended that you use the FTP method, if you have FTP access to your WordPress installation. If you don’t want to use the FTP method for whatever reason, you must make the a number of files and directories writable by the webserver.
Ok: InstantUpgrade’s working directory is writable by the webserver.
Ok: The base directory of your WordPress installation is writable by the webserver.
Error: One or more of your WordPress files are not writable by the webserver.

Hide details «
Checking if work directory is writable …
Checking if WordPress root is writable …
Checking if WordPress files are writable …
The files listed below are not writable by the webserver. If you want InstantUpgrade to handle upgrades automatically, every single of them must be writable. You should set the file permissions mode to 0777. As for directories and their content, you may select the highest level directory (e.g. wp-admin/ and/or wp-includes/) and apply the change to all subfolders. This way, you don’t need to change every single file manually.
[0] => wp-admin/images/align-none.png
[1] => wp-includes/class-pop3.php



The solution is simple. Use a ftp software (if you have ftp access) and change the file permissions for the files specified. If you don’t have ftp access, mail the admin to change the file permissions properly for you. The mode of permission is 777 means it should have all rights to all agents accessing it. In ftp software, you can change permissions by right clicking on a particular file / folder.

pavan i want ur yahoo id.. i want 2 talk2 u personally

I got the same error as michael. Via Filezilla i tried changing the permission of instantupgrade plugin folder to 0777 but its showing error permission denied ..And its still at 755.For all other plugin folder i am able to change permission except this ..How to proceed ?

I think You should change Group/Owner to fix that

Hello, i got domain from hyperwebenable but i didnt got any FTP accesss but i have mailed them for details, but if i get details of my site, can i delete wordpress and install any ‘legal script’ on my site? please reply me fast..please

@ Devesh,

I wonder what you mean by legal script. WordPress is free and hence anyone can use it which is LEGAL, but if you want to run any customized script, they permit you, but you need to generate the traffic. This thing can be possible if you guarantee the admin about your plans and you need to discuss with him.

Thanks for info pavan, but what i want is that i want to upload a CMS software in root and i also want to upload forum of phpbb on my subdomain and also a blog,so i have to explain all this to admin by mailing them? and what if i need emails of my domain,change in emails,subdomain?
please take effort to reply again, Thanks for fast and proper reply..

I hav got the domain from
but whenever i am installing themes ,it is asking for hostname,username,password.
Can u guide me please what is the hostname?
And are the username and password same ?

@ Anshuman,

I think you might try to download it to your system, and try “upload” tab in install themes.
You may provide your ftp details for username and password if prompted.
If you are not aware of ftp details, you can request the same from the admin.

I have a hyperwebenable account and get a domain from their. Whenever I try to select HTTP as upgrade method an error occours “HTTP is set as upgrade method, but not all required files/directories are writable. Please configure the InstantUpgrade plugin first.”
Then Upgrade is also not possible because it says one or more directories are not writable.
One more thing i should mention that, I don’t have any FTP account.

Hi Arindam,

Drop a mail to the team and they will help you with that.

Hello, I have joined HyperWebEnable about 1 year ago, and now i am facing some visibility problems with my WordPress blog dashboard. My domain name is i am also attaching the screen shot. i am getting the sidebar but not getting the actual content. here is link for screenshot


I don’t have any solution about this problem as I never came across this, but I hope this link will help you:

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