How to change the theme of your domain blog on Hyperwebenable

Written by Pavan Kumar on February 12, 2008


UPDATE: Everything changes with time! Hey, you can find the new solution here:

One Click plugin updater – Install / update plugins/ themes in one click


In my previous post, I have told you how to register your domain site for free. I too did it at first. They took some 2 days to complete my request. Initially my wordpress blog on this site was loaded with wordpress default theme. I thought of changing the theme, but how could I? I did not have access to my root directory, or even through ftp. Finally, I got this solution.

Thanks to a fellow blogger Rohit Langde of He guided me about installing a new theme/plugin into our blog powered by Hyperwebenable. I am sharing all the information here to guide other newcomers who need help. There is a ready plugin installed on our account called One Click Installer []. First, we need to activate it. Then goto your dashboard>One Click Install. There you will find a page as in figure below where you need to browse for your your zip file, then select if it is theme/plugin, click on GO at the rightmost part of the page. You can have an alternative way of installation by keying in the url of the theme instead of browsing for file.

Blog install plugin

Even this plugin provides you an option to delete the installed themes/plugins. The following snap shows the view of dashboard>One Click Install.

delete plugin

Even you have one more option to install plugins, this can be done very easily within very few clicks using a firefox addon for one click plugin. Those details can be seen on the author’s site. If you like this post, please subscribe for my feedburner feed.


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Thank You,

I tried for about 2 hours with the ftp, I got connected but the file would just not upload.

Once I saw the OneClick I didn’t need to read anything beyond that.

OneClick was very simple.

There is one problem though, now I must search through 87 pages of themes to find the best one.

Thanks again.

Got connected through ftp? I did not get you, which ftp url did you use, where did you get the login id n password? Can you please tell me the details.

Its too late to read this post.
Thanks for the back-link.

This only works with the previous version of wordpress. I find no such option in 2.5

Eerik’s last blog post..April Fools’ Day threats

One more plugin is available for such a case. Check out the plugin MyFTP, its nice FTP tool which you can access from your wordpress admin. Give it a try.

TechPavan’s last blog post..Firefox Add-on : Fast Video Download

hai tech, is it true hyperwebenable is free for ever? because i red in one blog says at 25 days hyperwebenable will send email to aske to pay a non-disclosed fee? here the quotation…

“The “renewal fee” will be sent to you upon (nondisclosed) expiration date. After you receive your bill you will have ONE DAY to pay it. If you decide NOT to pay it your ENTIRE SITE, EMAIL ACCOUNTS, ETC will be FROZEN! If you do not pay within 25 days your entire site and accounts ARE DELETED!”

taken from

Mark, its already three months over after I started using hyperwebenable service. The domain has been registered for one year, so the renewal question arises after nine months from now! Lets see what happens then. Till now there are no problems for me and they are providing a good service and a satisfactory support.

Pavan Kumar’s last blog post..How to upgrade your wordpress in hyperwebenable

hi , where do u go to edit your website also i went to another website to change the host i can`t seem to know what to do É help

@ sateana

The theme I am using is from, and I made some modifications in my theme through theme editor under wp-admin. Why do you want to change the host? The host changing is not permitted in hyperwebenable as all the domains are registered under our admin rather than our names.

I m not able to login into my website……… me guyss

i have change intial url with my blog through mistake……..

can some one help me plzz

email me

I think you lost the url where you have to login. You can login to wp admin here:

–This version of OneClick has been deprecated, and is no longer supported–,
so, how to change my theme Pavan?

@ FauzanB

I am currently out of my place, and surely will find out a nice way for hyperwebenable users.

Hi pavan.

Today only I got a domain registerd from hyperwebenable.But i got stuck up with change of the theme.As ‘oneclick installer’ is deprecated,i tried to get the new version.But it is asking for login at firefox addons site. Help me….

@ nowtoday

Hey, you could have got solution just by looking at our related posts.

Anyway, the solution is here:

hyperwebenable didn’t install wordpress with writable chmod.. I can’t change my theme..


May be it is by mistake, you just drop a mail to the admin, he will surely change ASAP…

Thanx for the information.

Thanks for quick solution but the solution is not work for me. Diagnosis report of Oneclick Install plugin is as follow:

Oneclick folder is NOT configured correctly. Click here to rectify.
Plugins folder is NOT configured correctly. Click here to rectify.
Themes folder is NOT configured correctly. Click here to rectify.
An Update is available.Click here to install

When I want to upload any plugin, it says:

Warning: move_uploaded_file(/home/sharperg/public_html/wp-content/plugins/oneclick// [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/sharperg/public_html/wp-content/plugins/oneclick/oneclick.php on line 437

Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable to move ‘/tmp/phphRjt89’ to ‘/home/sharperg/public_html/wp-content/plugins/oneclick//’ in /home/sharperg/public_html/wp-content/plugins/oneclick/oneclick.php on line 437

All done. You can go activate your plugin/theme from the Plugin/Theme menus.

Warning: unlink(/home/sharperg/public_html/wp-content/plugins/oneclick// [function.unlink]: No such file or directory in /home/sharperg/public_html/wp-content/plugins/oneclick/oneclick.php on line 439

So I don’t know what to do next just help me for now.


I think you need to go through wordpress documentation about the file and folder configuration. May be your plugin and theme directories are not writable.

Well, did you try one click installer or one click plugin updater? One click installer don’t work any more, its one click plugin updater which can help you now…

Did you try directly uploading the plugin through ftp?

Hi thanks for your quick reply. I have just register domain name using There is no ftp for this. I can do if is ftp enable but no chance. Oneclick installer was already setup in domain so give me idea to upload one click plugin updater in the’s site


You can mail the admin to change the configuration. Even you can get the ftp details from the admin on request. If you are new to wordpress, better take care that you don’t perform any unfavorable steps.

@Pavan Kumar – Thanks for reply. I really liek to have ftp detail from admin. I amil them for my ftp detail. Instead they suggest me you address link. I am good in wordpress blogging platform. Let see I will again request to admin for my ftp detail.


FTP is not a must to maintain wordpress blog. You can also maintain your blog without ftp, even it is risk free…

i Ask admin for ftp detail and also mail for my problem but they are not replying me. Its worthless for me having free domain. Because I want change its theme first.


May be he is busy with other pending works, wish he reviews your mail soon.

i am trying to install plugin
but it is asking for hostname user and password
i know username and password
but i forget the hostname
please help me


I don’t think such problem will arise, never I had such a problem. I think your domain name is the hostname. Its better you contact the admin team at hyperwebenable if you won’t get this way…

How many free disk space does the hyperwebenable gives? and how much is the price if we want to upgrade our database?

One more question here

When i want to change my theme into the new one which i got from somewhere else, i noticed the readme file which say

1. Upload tt-scripts folder in your WordPress root folder (this is where your wp-config.php is located).

where should i upload that tt-script in my wordpress root folder??

i’m really having this difficult, since i’m not the one who upload all those file in the web host so i don know where is my wordpress root folder

Please help and thanks


Free web space is 1GB and they won’t charge you anything for any service.
To access wp root folder, you need to get ftp details from hyperwebenable. Mail the admin for this and you will get it in a day or two. Use the ftp details to access your root folder using some ftp software – like filezilla. If you are still confused, come back here :-)

Ya sure, i ask him and he keep telling me to use One Click Install instead, which means i wont never find out my FTP details…

and i wont never accessing my wp root folder incase i want to edit my htaccess for example and many thing

Well i guess thats it…


Explain him in a clear mail and also leave a link to the theme you are referring. He will provide you the details. The sole reason behind not providing you the details is that there is a chance that bloggers without any knowledge will corrupt their configuration affecting the blog. Just mail him with all clear details. Many of the old users already have got ftp details and you will get it.

Alright thanks for your help :)

Hi Pavan,

Could you please tell me how to get API Key for Word press for my site?

@Ashish Mishra

You need to register for an account at Steps here

Please use hyperforum to discuss things related with hyperwebenable. By this way, you will also help other guys who have same problems.

Hello pavan

my website is from hyperwebenable.

i wanted to change the theme to freshmag. i installed by ftp. but later i need to change logo file in image folder of theme.

i have ftp access. i also used my ftp plugin

using my ftp i was able to delete other themes but i cant delete freshmag to upload again with changes.

i am also not able to upload using my ftp.

i have ftp username and password.

plz tell me how to use filezilla to upload and delete folders and files by ftp.

i have username and password but there is other option port.

plz tell can i use filezilla in hyperwebenable.

reply soon

@ Sandeep,

Your comment was moderated for the first time comment. If you use same credentials to comment, it will not be moderated again. Please don’t post duplicate comments.

As far your problem is concerned, I have replied to the mail you sent me, hope it works.

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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