Access Blocked Twitter with Twitter Proxies

Written by Pavan Kumar on February 15, 2009


Like any other social tool, it is now seen these days that twitter too getting blocked in schools, colleges, offices or any other workplaces.

The normal way we access such blocked twitter like sites using proxies.

Here I am listing few good proxy sites which you might need in case if twitter blocked in your place. Hope is not blocked to get the list 😛

These are the proxies that are not just used to unblock twitter, but you can also use them to bypass blocked facebook, myspace, orkut, gmail or any other blocked website.


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Thanks for the info buddy.

But i heard that Twitter is not working properly and Twe2 has been launched. Check it out bro


It has been long you are using my comment form 😛 I don’t find any problem with twitter, but twe2 looks nice. I need to give it a try with some dummy account. I always fear to use brand new twitter apps on my primary twitter account.

plese tel mi to speed up internet

all of the unblockin websites r blockd!!! the websites u listed r blockd can u gimme a couple websites that arent blockd or tht r new or mayb just tell me how 2 unblock fb and twitt and myspace and all these webs

@ Mrs. Pattinson

May be you should try out the firefox proxy browsing method:

Hi Pavan. Why you did not included this site in your list…? Check this Free Online Anonymous Browser. is the successful Anonymous browsing site, offering free unlimited bandwidth to all users.

I wish I could say your list was helpful but it just wasn’t for me. Maybe cuz I’m trying to view twitter on my jobs blackberry they gave us with restricted websites. If u know anything that may work for mobile devices, maybe ill start to love my job more lol… Until then I suppose ill atleast act like I’m doing somthing productive. Lol thanx again.

We can unblock Facebook and Twitter using Gmail Gadget.Twitter gadget work 100% .I use it with my college library.Facebook ,Partial work

i even cant access the websites given by u in my office network.

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