How to Download Torrent in Office, College and Workplace

Written by Pavan Kumar on April 18, 2009


This silly trick would be of some help to few people who are download junkies but use the internet connections at schools, colleges or offices. The main idea behind it is that we just want to hide bittorrent from others that a downloading is going on with torrent. This trick may not be helpful if bittorrent protocol is blocked at your workplace, if not so is the case, you might find it useful. I am not introuducing any new tool to download torrents, but just manipulating the properties of torrent clients and Windows.

It is usually seen that most of the computers run more than 5-7 items which are displayed in the taskbar. If you find your success in hiding the torrent client icon in the taskbar, your half of the job is done. Lets see how to do it.

Right click on the taskbar > Properties. Under Notification Area, check the Hide Inactive Icons checkbox.

Click on customize button, you will see the list of items which are added in the taskbar before. Now, scroll to the torrent program and keep the setting to Hide always. Default will be hide when inactive which is not so favorable that it will not be hidden while downloading / uploading stuffs.

task manager setting hide torrent client

Also, it would perform great if you also change the setting to Autohide the taskbar.

Next, important thing to note is you should leave enough bandwidth to browsing instead of keeping everything for downloads. If you make use of entire bandwidth for downloads, anyone may doubt about it and find out the cause. If everything goes fine with this, you can download all movies, songs, softwares, games and whatever for all time the computers are on. Happy Downloading :)

Well, I am not responsible for you trying to do mischevous things at college and getting caught 😉


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This is good specially for people who love to enjoy downloading at office :)

Useful article. I always tried to run torrent in my college but its not working there I think bittorrent protocol is blocked there.


If torrent protocol is blocked at college, you may use bitlet to download.

Hey, Pavan, my college has also blocked bit torrent, can you suggest some solution to it. I’ve tried using Bitlet, PuTTy, etc. and some other web services like that in my college but can’t get any working solution to it.


Some administrators are very strict about the things and its tough to play with some intelligent admins. Even if you try to find out a solution, they might find it out and fix that soon. I think rapidshare is the right solution for you if the content you need is small one. I will surely update if I find any other great solution.

Thanks Pavan.. I’ll try bitlet and let you know if its working or not !!!

thanks phuduu not working at all i m in college do some useful post lol

Nice steps. But, i think most of the office/college will block p2p traffic…

Instead of doing just about what you said one can also use a software called ZHider. its a free software and is available on internet. it also helps to hide the programs running in the taskbar…. think about it…..

Gooood 1

But i m seeing the browsing where internet acces is blocked by the company..its it possible..suggest



There are two ways of accessing blocked websites. Check them out below

If even they don’t work, probably your company has blocked that too…

cool, nice trick :)

i am using internet on mobile and downloading is can i download moviez now…also facebook is also blocked ..plz give me the slolution

nice site…………

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