How to Add/Insert Images to Yahoo, Gmail and Other Online E-mail Applications

Written by Pavan Kumar on June 30, 2009


People who have used MS Word and other applications love the feature of adding images inline to the text with different alignments. Inserting images to text will improve the presentation and hence many websites use images on every articles. The fact – A picture is worth 1000 words – is true everywhere. Here is how you can insert images into free email services like Yahoo!, GMail etc without any coding knowledge.

If you use desktop email clients like Incredimail, Thunderbird, Zimbra etc. you can use the inbuilt feature of inserting images inside the mail. This works great as you actually insert inline images without any techie knowledge requirement and can be done fast. If you use free email services like Yahoo, GMail, Hotmail, Rediffmail, Zapak etc you can use this tutorial to insert images into mails.

Once you have all your images ready, goto TinyPic or ImageShack or any free image sharing service. Upload your image – open the direct url link ( which has only image (its just an image, not a webpage). Now I describe methods with firefox – I don’t know any other good or bundled browser.

On the tab with the desired image open – right click anywhere and click Select All (Ctrl+A).

Right click again and select copy (Ctrl+C).

Send images on mail - Select image to send on mail

Come to your mail editor page > right click > Paste(Ctrl+V). Also you can vary the dimensions like any rich text editor.

Insert images into Yahoo Mail

Insert images into Gmail email

Get free with Free Google Apps


If you know HTML, you may use normal <img> tag to email images. This is supported in most of the modern email solutions.

So, did you think that was a tough job? If you have any other ways, please share.

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I feel this method wil not work using Firefox ..With all other browser its fine..I tried some days back…Did u try with Firefox?

@ sham

It works on firefox, I don’t know about other browsers…

finally.. now i know.. thanks alot!!

It works in Chrome, IE8, FireFox 3.5.
Also, you can copy from a browser and paste in another. 😉

Thanks, dude.
: )

hmm nice tutorial bro
thanks for sharing

you can email your self – then when the email comes in ( the image is added to the email provider’s server) copy and paste just as in the example shown in the article and resize/ adjust and send. – this method saves one from saving on a free image site where everyone has access to it…:)

I miss Outlook… Now I use Yahoo email and got this to work ONE TIME as an image (after I forwarded it to myself) but now it just shows a line of words “http” etc. and you have to click the link the get to the image. I tried in photobucket and tiny pics. Any advice on how to make the image just appear on the page rather than a link? Help and thanks in advance, I’m desperate!

i love this pomeranian, beautyfull

I was able to copy/paste into the Yahoo email editor running in Chrome by uploading to my blog. Didn’t even have to publish the draft of the post, the needed html tags came along with the copy/paste of the picture. Interestingly, creating a Word doc, importing the picture from a file into that, and then saving that to a local html page didn’t work.

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