E-mail Look Up: Reverse Mail Services for E-mail Address Search – Are They Scam?

Written by Pavan Kumar on June 18, 2009


So, you landed here looking for best email lookup services? OK. Before proceeding, I would like to inform that you will not get link to a single lookup service – but you will know how such lookup sites work and how they scam you and make money for themselves. This is of course, one of the internet scams which most people fall into and get affected. Well, if you are looking for email search systems, please go through this article to protect your privacy.

Reverse email lookup services

E-mail look up is indeed reverse lookup of emails, but most of such services also offer people search and with these they scam users to make money.

If you google for email lookup – you will find millions of results – numerous services which offer email lookup. Here we shall discuss how they work and how they help / scam you.

1. Paid e-mail address search services

paid email search scamThere are many such paid services for reverse mail search systems. The fact with these is they cost you a few bucks to offer e-mail address search. You will think giving away little money to search your old friend to get in touch is worth. You don’t mind paying some $3 +/- to find out your lost contact – if 100 people think the same in a month, the webmaster of such scam will make $300 without much effort all the time. And the information you get after paying such services is really useless. They gather data into their database from public domain. So, you cannot expect much related private data that you actually require. When you look for a certain data, you will find only few details – you may scan up to some state of even city, but you cannot really track the address of a person, nor his phone number or email id. Later you regret for paying such an amount for the low quality useless information compared to what you expect for e-mail look up.

2. Free e-mail address search services

Yes, they offer free e-mail address search – completely free of cost. How they offer everything for free? They find their benefits with advertising schemes or affiliate systems. As you go on searching for email ids, you will be asked to sign up on multiple forms with you private information – yes, they don’t need your credit card details, but they want all private contact information from you.

Its free! What you lose with this? Everyone on internet is here to make some profit, no one offers anything free – if something is offered free, they benefit in other ways. Same is the case here – they will get benefitted by the adverts and popups displayed – also there is a fear that they sell your mail ids to spammers. Your mail id gets hit by thousands of mails on a single day – you may also get personalized mails – gone is your mail id! Know more about stopping spams or junk mails.

Then, how can I find my friends’s mail address?

What I would recommend is using social sites – facebook, myspace, orkut, hi5, twitter etc. Also, the stupid tips on About.com are really helpful and worth.

So, can’t we trust any such service online? No, there are really good services which offer e-mail look up. But finding every information of everyone online is really impossible and its very hard to find contact details of international users. There are reverse phone lookup systems which can provide you network and location details for phone/mobile numbers.

You might be interested in configuring incredimail for gmail for sending amazing beautiful mails.


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