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Written by Pavan Kumar on December 1, 2008



It is very common these days on my ISP that yahoo mail does not load. On every login, you will be lead to a page which reads – "Ooops. Yahoo! Mail can’t load" Loading Yahoo! Mail failed due to a client side error. The message will instruct you to try clearing browser cache, cookies and as a final way, you will be asked to use Yahoo Mail Classic – the old version which most of you have forgot. Even I get this error a lot of times and here is the very simple way I work out for this.

Yahoo! Mail not accessible

Looking for great solution steps? Nothing like that, simply change the DNS you use to OpenDNS or any other free DNS server. If you are not aware of changing DNS, follow the tutorial for blocked youtube case.

FYI, the DNS server address you have to use in case of OpenDNS:

  • Preferred :
  • Alternate :

Note: There are also complaints that such error occurs in Firefox browser and is not present in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.


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14 Readers responded to this post

Thanks for the tip. will try this solution. if i face the problem

I am using OpenDNS from the starting month of my personal internet use, after formatting PC and while setting up the connection , DNS setup is my first task.

I support OPENDNS.


I wrote this post because the above image is most regular if I use BSNL DNS in my region. Its not just my problem, all my friends in my locality have the same problem :( . This will help all them I hope :)

nice post Pavan, will be useful sometime.
btw, I agree with Chetan. OpenDNS rocks!!

Haa Dam good one dude..Really useful tip… I don’t use yahoo much :)

I have not get this error ,but I do got switch to Yahoo mail classic message because of yahoo’s new theme takes lot of time to load I permanently switched to yahoo mail classic,your post very useful to yahoo mail users


I love Yahoo! Mail beta as its cool interface. :)

Please please look your websites ad-code because i think u r website is infected with some iframe injections.

Yes, yahoo mail beta takes time to load if you a slow net connection and if your pc is old like P3 with less RAM they should stick to the classic version:D
I use OpenDNS too its cool:)


On slow internet connections, it loads very badly. Better classic for slow internet users. But these days, the number of people using slow internet is very less…

fantastic tip! have heard of OpenDNS but haven’t been using it. this is wonderfully helpful! fantastic post techpavan ^_^

nice tips!!! i ll check it

thanxxxxxxxxxxxx alot
you are fantastic

great tip and the result was immediate. thanks for providing the information.

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