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Written by Pavan Kumar on June 21, 2008



And now the time has come to learn this awesome trick as I had promised you in my previous post. I tried to experiment with different mail clients and finally found this way.

thunderbird+mailtweak=personalized mail

The step by step instructions provided here would help you:

1. You need to download thunderbird and install.

2. Download mailtweak extension for thunderbird. Download the extension, don’t click to install on firefox.

3. In thunderbird, goto Tools > Add-ons, click install and select the downloaded .xpi file and install it.

4. You need to restart thunderbird.

5. Again goto add-on window as above and click on mailtweak, click options.

Thunderbird addons

6. In the options window, scroll down to Personalize Messages and check that.

mail tweak options

7. You are done a part. To send personalized mail, perform following steps.

8. In thunderbird main window, goto Message > Personalize.

9. Compose your message, and fill the mail ids for which you want to mail to.

10. Click Personalize [send icon is provided, and this is used as an alternative to send option, after clicking that, your mails will be sent.]


You can also include the names of the person you are addressing, just include %%[name_field]%%. For using this feature, you need to have the name included in the address book. For more details, goto the tutorial. Mailtweak has a lot of tweaks which you can learn from mailtweak site.



This method requires much time and bandwidth as a single message is splitted to individual messages which are sent seperately. For better and quick results, you need to use newsletter softwares. If you use/know any good newsletter software, please share in comments.


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Nice and useful information for all online people.

Nice techie post.

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Hello , The advices you give are very helpful .I follow all your steps by downloading the Thunderbird 3.0 and the mail tweak,install it , tik he personalize but it’s not activated..:(
May be the different languages ?the Thunderbird is in Greek language
Anyway i’ll try again ,If you can think of something please share it with me
Thank you for your time

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