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Written by Pavan Kumar on August 27, 2009


Whatever a blogger blogs on, he always looks for right audience to read anything written on his blog. This increases the credibility of the blogger and in few cases increases the revenues generated from blog.We always try to find ways of bringing in new visitors to our blogs and one way is a chain of friends interested in your niche.

Assume if someone visit this blog looking for recycler virus removal – also let’s say most of his friends have same virus on their systems through a USB drive. If he finds the solution useful and working, he just close the browser and get happy that the solution worked and forgets where he got the solution or what the solution is. If you have a Email to Friend option just below your wp post, in few useful cases, he thinks of sending the mail to friend and help them clear their problems and bringing in a new visitor to this site.

Send wordpress posts through email to friend

To help bloggers and blog visitors in cases like above, a wordpress plugin comes handy. WP Email which supports all latest versions of WordPress is a wonderful plugin which adds a functionality of sending e-mail to anyone right from the blog. Using the plugin is as easy as any other plugin, just install the plugin, activate it. To make it available for users, you can hard code a simple snippet into your theme or make use of the widget available with the plugin. You can also track the stats of all mails sent from your blog.

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2 Readers responded to this post

Nice plug Pavan… I guess, email (personal) is still important while stuff like tweetmeme (broadcast) will die out soon. I have to find a place on the post footer to fix this one.

Nice plugin, thanks for sharing… However, I’ve noticed that allowing people to send the e-mail from their own address causes a phishing issue with hotmail. The links in the sent e-mail are different to the person sending the e-mail and so Microsoft panic and displays its red “unsafe & links blocked” warning.

Sending from my admin address is fine, obviously because it matches the web address that the e-mail links are using.

I’ve disabled the “Your E-Mail” option from the admin but this leaves the sending e-mail address blank, which is really bad… Is there anyway to set this so the “Your E-Mail” is auto-filled as the server e-mail address without the person having to be logged in?


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