Increase Site Traffic with Referral Visitor Technique

Written by Pavan Kumar on April 11, 2009


Most of you don’t understand what I am going to discuss here. If you own a website and closely follow the traffic stats and referrals, in very few cases, you will see some traffic from an unknown parked domain. You will search all over the page to see how you got the traffic or you may also read the code to see how you have got a hit from that site. Few webmasters use that technique to gain some little traffic to their sites. If you are going to use it in a right way, there is a chance that you increase site traffic and subscribers count to your website.

First, choose some set of competitor websites whom you have never been in touch with. Don’t pick any big bloggers, pick the ones who are at your or a lower pace and related niche. If I pick labnol or TC, It won’t make any difference to my traffic. You may also choose the blogspot guys who are still new to blogging in your niche but make some difference and skilled.

Install Ref Control firefox addon. If you use any other browser, make a switch to FF :)

Now, comes the interesting part. You are fooling the other webmaster by forging that a visit has been referred to him from your site. Double click on RefControl icon in your firefox and add the competitor url into it and set the referrer url as your homepage or any other top content on your site.

Increase referral traffic - Ref Control

Now, if you keep it enabled, whenever you pay a visit to the victim 😉 website, the webmaster will see the traffic arising from your webpage. He will definitely come back to see how it is possible, if you are using a really good content as referral page, he is mostly expected to visit few more pages and if he finds it useful and interesting, you have got one valued visitor / reader. Even you may expect link love in few cases.

If you follow this referral traffic technique for many websites, more is the chance of gettting some valued readers.


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6 Readers responded to this post

I have to say Pavan that this is bad..! but a GOOD post 😉 i like it.

If it’s used with right intentions then its great…

Now, I see how those guys/gals did it. Man, that is evil. I like it.

I think it’s a black hat technique pavan…
What do you say??


Nopes, AFAIK, this has nothing to do with seo…. I don’t think this is a black hat….

It almost sound like Black hat method Pavan. One of such trick is pinging lots of websites using your website as referrals and those who check their stats regularly will for sure give you a visit.

@Harsh Agrawal

FYI, I don’t use that technique regularly. But I use it to block referrer to spam sites, I don’t use it anyway for normal websites like yours….

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