What is Forged Page Rank? How is it Achieved? How to Identify it?

Written by Pavan Kumar on November 19, 2008



You all know about PageRank. PageRank is a most common term on the internet that all tech bloggers are aware of it and do their job of SEO to achieve the better PR. Most of the normal internet users have never heard of the term forged page rank. Let’s see what it is and how is it achieved and what for is it used.

google page rankYou all know that the value of a domains is decided by its page rank and alexa ranking. Though there are other factors, these are the basic and most important ones. While selling domains, some webmasters forge the page ranks of the domain so as to accomplish higher prices. A web domain without any hard work can rise to pr5 or pr6 just by adding a 301 or 302 redirect to a great PR website.

What is forged page rank?

Forged or fake page rank is page rank which one can obtain by cheating the search engine – Google. It is usually practiced by webmasters who are into business of domain selling. They just increase PR for the time being using these immoral techniques and sell the domains for a high price.

How is such a page rank gained?

The most usual way is by adding a redirect to a high PR website. Search engines when finds the redirect usually provide the page rank of the landing site to the redirected domain. The page rank for redirecting domain is usually same or little less than the page rank of landing page. Thus the page rank is gained without any work.

page rank forged

How is it identified?

The most common way is by finding the domain if it redirects. Search google for the term info:domain.com AND info:www.domain.com, if the result is a domain other than the domain keyed in, it seems to be forged.

example of redirection type forged page rank

While selling domains, usually webmasters remove the redirect and build some impressive website to deduce the genuininty and improve the value. Such cases cannot be identified with above method, in that case another method is followed. It is checking the link popularity of a domain. Check the total backlinks for the domain and if you are little bit aware of SEO, you can easily identify if the page rank is forged.

Ex: A PR7 site is never expected to have only 50 backlinks.

There are some online tools to identify forged page rank. One such tool is at CheckPageRank.net. It is most popularly used and is a very good tool as it checks the domain for forged PR based on redirect method and also the link popularity. Also, it checks for both www and non www cases. Have a look at the example of forged domain below.

identifying forged page rank with tools


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Very useful post buddy

very neat and descriptive! stumbled!

@Madhur Kapoor

Thank you :)


Thanks for the stumble :)

whoa! i had no idea that the forging lies in redirects. this is an excellent post! simply excellent and comprehensive! ^_^

“Judge me by my pagerank, do you?”

It is what I like. Yes, why we judge you by pagerank? It still mystery why people very happy when she/he got updated page ranks well.

@techniqueal t.

Redirection is the way which is most popular and most followed. May be there are other ways which I am not aware of.

@Ing Ong

But one thing should be kept in mind, there are two page ranks – one is the toolbar one, other one is google’s internal one which is not known for public and is updated very often.

Nice article.

Nice Post !! I came here Googling about Page Rank… and I came to know about it from here.
What are the Proper Ways ?? I mean pagerank.net shows Forged PR for my blog too. Which has no redirection domain etc.

@Debajyoti Das

I think that is because of the very less number of backlinks you have. If you have not done anything wrong, there is no need to worry. This tool may go wrong.

For the time being, this tool is working stupid. It is showing Google itself has a fake pagerank.

@Amit Bajaj

I don’t think yours is forged..

Thanks for such a useful post and for sharing the information about forged page rank.

Very good article that once you make it very useful for me. Nice to meet you.

This is all greek to me. I got the same message. My pagerank is zero. Thing is , I don’t redirect my domain.Oh well, you learn something new everyday. Thanks for the heads up.

Question: are we talking about a 302 redirect?
If so – does this still work and how long lasting is the effect?
Thanks – JB

Hello, could you teach me how to use redirect methode..

i’m very appreciate your response..

Great post buddy. Now I understood what forged page rank means and all about it. My blogs ranks is 0 too. Anyway thanks.

I went on to http://www.siterankchecker.com and found out that my PR is forged. Someone else must of hacked into my website and forged it, because I haven’t faked my PR.

I just did a search using a tool i found online and it says one of my sites appeares forged! LOL. I dont think so!

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