Add Website to Google News! Why and How to Add Website on Google News?

Written by Pavan Kumar on July 10, 2009


In most of the cases, this will not be useful for many of you, but if you once succeed in getting your website added into Google News, you will start enjoying great benefits. Recently Techie Buzz blog got approved into Google News. This is really a matter of excitement for any webmaster and if you are interested to add your website into Google News, here is how you can do it.

If you enter any HOT keyword which relates with any news event into Google, you will see the news results coming at the top. This is a definite advantage for any webmaster that he does not need to compete with any other established website. You can observe that it is shown even above the "default" first result of Wikipedia – this increases the click through rate to your website and drives much targeted traffic. Normal websites need to struggle hard to get into the front page of Google and to move to a position above wikipedia is a very tough challenge.

Google results for news queries

This not just brings you targeted traffic, you will be termed as news site – which is nothing else than "authority" – more people start quoting your statements and no one hesitates to link you. You will enjoy a boost in reputation and automated SEO by people all over the world from different languages and CCTLDs. You will be identified one among the community of big brothers like NewYork Times, CNN and other A grade websites.

Who can apply to Google News inclusion?

Anyone with a news content website / mobile site rich with visitors and qualified content. Your website / mobile site may not just be in English, Google News Support many languages all over the world. Even you can apply if you have a YouTube channel worth to get into Google News. There are many categories supported like headlines, technology, weird news, world news, humor, health, education etc.

Any Secrets to get approved?

There are few untold secrets behind your site getting accepted for Google News. Most important thing is it should be regularly updated and should have a great reader base. Other important requisites are that it should have more number of "active" authors with their profile pages. The frequency of updating is also a website grading factor. If you have a blog, I guess the reader interaction aka comments count too would matter. What you should keep in mind is this process is just like adsense account approval, but in a more strict manner – every website will be manually reviewed.

My tip here would be its better you ask someone who is already enjoying the benefits – he will be the one who can guide you well – not me 😉

How to apply?

So, is your website ready to enter Google News? Are you ready to move to next step? Is your server powerful enough to handle new traffic? Here is the application form – fill it and wait for mail.

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Hey it’s nice one. Thanks for sharing this informative stuff. I have a doubt. We a small concern providing free website monitoring service. So can we subscribe there or they cinsider only news sites.


Thanks for letting us know that there is an option in Google to add news sites.

I have added mine, hope it gets approved.


I guess websites must be 6 months old for this like Adsense ..
As i am sure my Telecom Blog will get approved but yet it
doesn’t as its 4.5 months old :(

thanks for the information.Should the blog be atleast 6 months old to pass google news?

Thanks for your informations …
This is a good chance for us to get more traffic

I came across your article. It relatively old, but not outdated! Thanks!
I don’t think a site has to be at least 6 months old btw..

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