Top 10 Best Computer Pranks for April Fool’s Day

Written by Pavan Kumar on March 29, 2009


Well, just 2 days left to the most famous day – April Fools Day. April Fools day is celebrated in many parts of the world and the significance of this lies in people fooling their friends with different pranks and racking jokes and sending insult sms making them as April Fools. Here are few April fool pranks for you. I request everyone to celebrate it, but not to celebrate in a bad way which breaks the relationship. Everyone should enjoy this special day, but no one should be hurt. Even if someone plays pranks with you, don’t be hurt, its just for one day – they are your friends, you should enjoy (Anyway, its your day 😛 ).

Prank 1: Swap the mouse buttons:

With this trick, you will be able to swap the mouse buttons. This will make the mouse buttons work in a different way. When people click their left click, they will see the context menu, when they click the right button, it will be the normal mouse click. He will be fooled for sure, he can understand it easily, but fooled once is fooled for sure. Here is how to switch mouse buttons to reverse the mouse functionality.

Prank 2: Change the DNS Server:

DNS Servers are the most important requisites to access the internet. Just change the DNS Server to some dummy number. Your friend will not be able to access internet though he will be able to get connected to the internet. If you are the only geek your friend know, he will definitely contact you, just say April Fool 😉

Prank 3: Block Google on your friend’s PC:

Well, you can do it easily by editing the hosts file. Just add a line to the existing hosts file:

add the line below to the existing hosts file:

you may add different sites too which your friend browses very frequently. You can also block country domain of Google or also you may block stumble upon or twitter etc.

You can find the hosts file in the following location:


April Fool Pranks

Prank 4: Hide the favorite folder and most accessed folder:

Do you know how one can hide completely the folder? The folder will not even be visible even if the hidden folders are made to display. Read the tutorial to completely hide folder.

Prank 5: Make the mouse useless:

This is what you can do easily even if you are sitting to the next of your friend. Use an insulation tape (opaque) and paste it to the bottom of the optical mouse, the mouse cannot be operated if you don’t allow the light to be reflected. Black tape is preferred. If your friend is a old pal of your grandpa’s generation, you can remove the ball of his old day mouse.

Prank 6: Hide / Disable Shutdown / Logoff button:

Well, let us see how your friend turns off his computer with no shut down button. Want to know how to do this? Read tutorial on disabling shut down button.

Prank 7: Disable Desktop Icons:

Press print screen while on desktop without any windows open. Now, open any image editor and "paste". You will find the desktop image pasted, and now save the image and set as wall paper. Next step is awesome, right click on desktop and pick the option not to display desktop icons. Now the desktop looks like a normal one, but the icons are not clickable.

Now, lets move to some more ahead. Please don’t misuse these, just for pranks, not for serious tries.

Prank 8: Send faks sms:

Well, I already said, there might be any free services which can help you send free fake sms, just search for them and send sms to your one friend from some other friend’s number. I don’t know any such service for the current day, but chance that you may find one.

Prank 9: Send fake e-mails:

Again, this is bad to use for bad purposes, and don’t misuse. There are many scripts available online to send fake sms. Also, you can make use of the loophole in a very good wordpress plugin to contact commenators to send fake mails. Also you may try the service at, just press the enter key hundred times and your friends will not scroll till then to see the footer of the mail which contains the information about the free service footer.

Prank 10: Change the keyboard keys:

This is to be done with care. If your friend does not know the typing, he looks for the keys and types something else in place of some other character. Take care about this and be sure you are able to replace them properly. This may not be possible with all keyboards and not at all recommended if the keys are hard. Try only if keys are easy to remove.


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Hey Pavan Great list dude….
meanwhile how about the blank desktop..??
hiding all the icon….
hide the taskbar…..

this will be good prank for people..

meanwhile catch me…me , u n few bloggers can team up and can make April fool day a fun day …:)


blank desktop is easily identified…

what’s next plan to make it an unforgettable day?


That is prank no.7 listed here…

Some of them are really cool. I will try some of them for sure.

Great list! Stumbled!! and included in my Ultimate Resources list of April fools day pranks :)


I just checked your list, its nice one :) Thanks for the double favor :)

Here is a small exe i have written place it in Run of registry LOL:)


Thanks for the special April Fools’ Pranks on the special day of the year 😀

H Pavan, this is a great post. I’ve done the fake emails and it can be very creative with what you can do. April fool’s day is one of my favorite, I always try to come up with something new each year. You can post this to our site and then link back to your site. We are looking for top ten lists and our users can track back to your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

i read in a site that the one you mentioned in prank 3 can be used to block adsese in host pc (when some one wants to avoid false impressions of adsense)

@ t4-trix

You are right, but I would recommend using Adblock plus FF addon which blocks ads of any network.

thanks for your tips and suggestion after a long time i read this type of article. agree with u pavan thanks again.

lol quite interesting article on fool 😀

best web site block tricks

pls help me

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