How To Hide Referral Links for Outgoing Links on Websites

Written by Pavan Kumar on June 15, 2009


This is really a strange thing to many of you. Because everyone want to have their websites noticed by other people and wish them to visit the website. But in few cases, some may want to hide their website from the public appearance (in server/ stats logs of other websites) and in such cases, would look for services which can actually hide referral visits on all outgoing links / specifically few. There are few such services and here, 3 such are dealt.

Anonymized hidden referral link

All services dealt here have their own javascripts which you can embed into your footer section which anonymizes / hides every outgoing link. If  you want any exception, you can generate a script which is specific for you. Also, you may generate a single url if you want only one.

This is quite a popular service. The single url anonymizing link is – you can use it directly where ever you want.

If you want a single referral hider link with spoof url, here it is:

Link The Net

This is no different from other services, its url is:

Note: I have not tested if these services are good for SEO or not. You can analyze this in the same way of tinyurl seo properties using http header information.


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8 Readers responded to this post

Image is cool… from where you got it ?

Interesting, will try it for sure, thanks 🙂

@ Simran,

I get all images from Getty Images – also note, I use only royalty free images. But I do image optimization to make my pages load fast.
Image optimization:

@ Gagan,

Well, that’s a good idea… try out 🙂

nice list man i have tried it and these works cool.

When I started Dollar Shower I created my own database based PHP application that encrypts the links and also records the outgoing clicks 😉 However, now I am fedup with it and many times I use the affiliate links directly.

These are good services though.

@ Ajith

That’s a great thing to know, I hope you can concentrate more on developing such a cms and release it open source so that anyone interested can take it up to a higher extent.

Thanks for the info

The other meta refresh hide refer with unique url… like it

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