Alexa first update of traffic rank after changing

Written by Pavan Kumar on May 9, 2008



It was on April 17th, all the internet alexa traffic rankings got changed. I had announced the changes in traffic rankings of different sites I visit regularly. Today, I noticed the changes in alexa ranking has took place. Again I make note of all the sites I mentioned on that day as the exact proof is available from past records. Though the rankings have been changed on the alexa site and alexa toolbar, the widgets are still showing the old rankings. They might fix the bug soon.

As usual, Yahoo! and Google at top 1st and 2nd positions, here are the other sites.


  • Old ranking : 539
  • New ranking: 491


  • Old Ranking : 527, 450
  • New Ranking : 369, 573  :smile:

Life Rocks 2.0:

  • Old Ranking : 65, 139
  • New Ranking : 59, 038 , Very well done Nirmal, congrats!

Devil’s Workshop:

  • Old Ranking : 65, 928
  • New Ranking : 67, 608 , Not at all a problem Rahul, compared with your 130k previous time.

I did not expect such a change. Google’s PR4 and such a cool alexa rank, makes me feel pround and encourage me to be a more productive blogger, but at the same time exams and project are the ones to be taken more care of. Anyway, it is not going to take long and I will be in constant action, but may not be at optimal for few days.


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11 Readers responded to this post

Real hard work pavan. my alexa rank is around 4 lac.
anyways congrats.

Hmmm alexa team is trying hard to give accurate results to the people 😛

It’s really good to know that you are under 3 lakh rank,Cheers :mrgreen:

Rockstar Sids last blog post..Get yourself the Zementa power to blog

@ Ajay

Even 4 lac is a very good score….. Your content is good with all kind of tech… You will rock soon….


If they succeed in giving accurate rankings, all tech blog ranks will suck… This is the fact. Lots of sites rock in traffic, but usually tech sites with medium traffic will be having better rankings than those rocking sites with non tech visitors… You know the reason, alexa toolbar.

Pavan Kumars last blog post..Alexa first update of traffic rank after changing

thts really cool
a major change in ur ranking 😀 :mrgreen:

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@ Siddharth

😎 :smile: Thank You!

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@ Rahul

Thank You….

Pavan Kumars last blog post..Updates with Google and Orkut…

Congratz on the PR increase. Honestly speaking, i do not really care about alexa ranking

@ Mark

Everyone would have cared about alexa if it was ever found to be right…

Pavan Kumars last blog post..Sunday Pastime #7: Break the internet

Looks like you are closely following Alexa. Anyways congrats on the increase.

Nirmals last blog post..Get Windows Media Center in XP with Media Portal

@ Nirmal

Not that I closely follow alexa, it appears on my toolbar and I noticed… that’s all… and I made a post because, it was about 3 weeks they left it stagnant. I have never noticed it before for so long. Congrats for you too….

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