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Written by Pavan Kumar on December 17, 2008


Search Engine Optimization plays a key role for a successful web existence.  Every webmaster / blogger do think of SEO and takes this as a serious factor to grow. There are few basic things you should consider regarding optimization of a website for a search engine.

search engine optimizationTo split SEO into parts, the main things to consider are Keywords, Content and Backlinks. Backlinks will come under the optimization technique which you should take care from outside of your website from all over the internet. You may use different tools to make a keyword research and build your site with proper yielding keywords.

Coming to the content, not just writing unique content will rank you top in the search engines. You need to take care of different aspects regarding the way you present things and of course, uniqueness is a must. These content optimizations may include the usage of title tags, headings, images, alt and title tags for images, links….

Ranking scale - seo analysisHere is a quick tool – Instant SEO Review which can provide you the assessment of your optimization for search engines instantly. Now it is very easy job for you to compare your site with an SEO optimized one so that you can easily modify yours to optimize. The tool also provides with suggestions to improve your site.


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Whoa! That is a very helpful tool. Though I didn’t have any Notable Issues, it found 11 things worth noting, and I feel most of them are really relevant and the explanation given makes sense. Thanks for the link :)

Really a very useful tool.. Tried it on couple of my sites…

Pavan that’s nice tool very helpful for bloggers ,keep up ur good work.

@venkat@Madhur Kapoor@TechnoSamrat@Raju

Guys, thank you all..

hi Paven…. it is not working for me….do u know any reason??? i have tried 2,3 sites but it is not working for anyone….

some kind of fatal error….


May be temporary bug at the time you tested… Its working now..

Rather than searching for each and everything info of website this tool does the the great job of finding all the info at one place thanks pavan.

Very informative, I look forward to looking into more of your articles.

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