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Written by Pavan Kumar on February 25, 2009


Yes, you are hearing it right. DreamHost provided very cheap web hosting on different occasions like New Year and Valentine’s day. And now, they are offering free hosting. Here are the details.

Dreamhost has recently started free web hosting for web applications – DreamHost Apps. This is currently under beta and this free service will be charged $50 per year after they come out of beta. BUT, if you are going to sign up as beta tester for them, you will get LIFETIME free account there.

You can setup different web softwares like WordPress, Drupal, ZenPhoto, phpBB, MediaWiki and Google Applications like calender, iGoogle, Google Docs and Google Sites.

free web hosting


1. You will get hosting at DreamHost, which is a trusted and reliable host. Though people say, its service is little bad these days, my friends who are using the same host since many days have no problems associated with DH.

2. No hidden fees. By signing you would lose only some 5 minutes of your life and no money. They don’t even need your credit card details to sign up.

3. You will get an account forever: They promise you, and I believe they are true. Beta testers will get lifetime account associated.

4. Support your domains: You can use their subdomain ( or your own domain or you can also register for a new domain with them.

5. Fast and fully automatic application installers. You don’t need to bother anything related with installation of web applications, all will be done automatically.


1. You will not get FTP and SSH access.

2. No technical support for you free guys :(

3. You cannot install these apps directly into your domain root. Like it is not possible to have your wordpress installation on, but you can do it on

Note: The blog entry says, it needs invitation codes, but it did not ask for any such codes while registration. The total availability of accounts is 10,000 and currently only 6,000+ accounts left. Grab it quick.


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11 Readers responded to this post

Its a good offer to those who are just starting to blog. I just wonder why anyone should join them. Having a blog at will be as good as this?


Remember friend, won’t allow you to place your ads. Blogger does not have great flexibility and features as wordpress.

signup is not at all working! showed me an error

Dude its difficult without FTP. But still worth at Dreamhost.

Thanks for sharing the good news.

It’s always a better option than hosting. But still it has lots of disadvs no custom plugins or themes.I think they should gather opinion from the common users about the plugins and themes they want and put them.
One error in you post, DApps support installing WordPress in your root directory. I myself has checked that. Initially it did’t supported that. Many of us complained about that in the forum and some guys from Dreamhost checked and corrected that

@Pavan Kumar
Yes, that is true. But without having a handle to the plugins/themes, WordPress will be just as good or as bad as Blogger.


This is a new news for me…. but a good news too…

Nice hosting..I just signed up and it is good. It give ftp access, which is very helpful. It use its own light panel. I just up a photo-album there. Look nice and also gmail application. Till now it is good. You can use ur own domain later. Most good thing is I don’t need to put any ad code in my site.


Wow, now I am getting really crazy. Are they offering ftp too? Its really a very good option then. I should go for it :) Thanks for the update.

Hey, do you know if I can get a free site from them and then upgrade later? I don’t have a domain but I want to take advantage of this great offer. Also, can I use the domain I get from Hyperwebenable?


I think you can make it for a subdomain. Other options I can provide you is to go with type domain. Though I am not sure about this, I hope it is possible.

Regarding hyperwebenable, you can’t make use of it that way. That can be used only on their servers.

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