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Written by Pavan Kumar on March 18, 2008


One more addition to my popular GET ON MOBILE series. Now, I am here to tell you how to get email updates delivered to your mobile phone. I am telling the same procedure as used in my previous posts, but the services used here are different.


1. Using mail forwarding:


This can be done using your phone’s email id. Most of the email portals provide you with mail forwarding option. Gmail for sure, Yahoo! for few accounts – I dont know what makes the difference, my Yahoo! mail do not support this but my friend’s does. Place your mobile’s mail id in the forward id and choose to keep the forwarded message inbox. This is a very old trick discussed on the blogosphere.


2. Using MailBucket or Dodgit:


MailBucket and Dodgit/Dodgeit are the services which provide an e-mail to rss convertion service. Again you need to have a mail forwarding facility in your mail and you need to forward to their address. Any address is valid with them, no need of signup. You need to forward your mail to or You may say its not safe, I agree. If your id is any Dick or Harry can crack it. But if you choose even an expert hacker will not be able to crack it. This is the need to use such service. You also use that and forget. Subscribe to the feed url with some service like MyToday, RSSFWD, FeedCrier, Yahoo! Alerts or any other alternative.


3. Using SMSmyEmail


SMSmyEmail is a service intended to get SMS alerts on your cell phone as and when your mail id gets a mail. You are also provided with filter options. It has few limitations. You need to provide them your email id and its password for them to configure. It is a new service and not so popular one. It is in beta state and first 1000 signups will get 50 alerts free and even 20 alerts for every referral you get them.


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Please help me to send how to sign up,in this site for free email owner

bole to mast


Welcome to my blog…

Here you can find few more if this one won’t work for you..

Your Post was informative ,
It will be help full if you post how these Email service provider are sending SMS.
I suppose every mobile service provider’s, host SMS centers and charge for bulk sms on users.
Do companies like Google and Yahoo pay heft amount to get free sms for its users or is there any other options.


For sending every sms, they need to pay to the service provider network. When they buy sms in vast numbers, the charges are going to be less. I don’t know the revenue source for google with this, but other providers use some advertisements to get their investment back. Of course, few provide premium services where they even change your headers to include your name in place of mobile number…

i wan my scraps on my mobile by sms

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I’m lovin’ this site

I like it

Thanks indeed for e mail sms getway. I hv yahoo id, 2.Gmail id: 2mob no. Using 98879 23169 Idea. 94145 38759, 95290 34339 BSNL. Tel me the process offline aswell as online setting. Thanks. Sushil

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