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Written by Pavan Kumar on May 15, 2008


In India, the cost of sms varies for different networks. Few networks provide free sms or at a very cheap cost, but others charge even more than they charge for a call. We have many sms sending sites, but the one in discussion here is a special one. Here all the messages are publicized. This enables you to look/search for cool forward sms and forward to your or other mobile.You also have an option here to rate the sms so that top rated sms makes up its position on the front page helping others to choose the top rated ones.

Vakow! [] works for only Indian mobiles and costs you nothing for forwarding sms to your or other mobiles. You can also email them to anyone through their interface. The also have a feature to post the forward as scrap or even share on facebook. You can even search sms based on keywords or also there are tags provided for them. Here is the cool interface of vakow!

vakow interface


Even you have subscription option so as to get sms updates on your mobile phone which are rated at the top or you may set subscription to get all as email updates. The even provide RSS feeds for which you can subscribe under any person. Its a cool service to try out.

Update: Vakow link removed as the site does not seem to be live anymore.


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thats was pretty cool :mrgreen:

I joined it way back.. thanks for reminding… 😀

@ Rockstar Sid,

That’s a nice service, lots of stuffs, all for free. Forward sms, picture sms and many more.. a real fun with fwd sms……

Pavan Kumars last blog post..Vakow! For sms geeks

Hey Pavan,

Thanks for the post and the geeky smses on our site :)
Really glad that you liked it.


rgs last blog post..Meri Dukh bhari kahani suno.. !!#%##^#^$@%&%& %&%&%$&%&$^# @@!$!#$!@#!~ …


Its really nice that the service team like you comment on my blog. I had a similar experience when I wrote a post on toktumi [free US incoming number] service. I love vakow because of the user generated content on your site. Thanks for the comment. :smile:

Pavan Kumars last blog post..Vakow! For sms geeks

In one word, Vakow! rocks.
This is really a great service.
Thanks for sharing.

It is great. Thanks for pointing this out.

Madhur Kapoors last blog post..Microsoft Worldwide Telescope launched

@ Rohit and Madhur

Few great things on this internet are free…. Vakow also provides a very good and cool interface compared with other sms sites….

Pavan Kumars last blog post..Vakow! For sms geeks

Thats cool :) :mrgreen:

truly… :mrgreen:

Pavan Kumars last blog post..Vakow! For sms geeks

Pretty neat tool but is there any personalization which will stop putting my sms into searches?

Ashish Mohtas last blog post..IRadeo : Create Streaming Platform for your site

@ Ashish

First of all, sorry for late moderation. All search results are sorted based on popularity and if you write any personal message to send to your friend [like “Hi Ashish, I want to meet you at party”] it will not gain popularity and it will be listed on Nth page, so no need to worry about that… Anyway, if you want to send to other mobiles, it should have +2 score, so personal friends are needed online to send personal msgs.

Pavan Kumars last blog post..Configure IncrediMail with GMail / Google Apps

Thank You so much !!

hii pls send me new sms center no. in this no.09914312618


hey pavan, have a look buddy on this site……………. i have tried it many times and its not working now…………….. u can also check a note written on its site by vakow team…..

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