Get Orkut Scraps on your mobile phone: Part2 – World

Written by Pavan Kumar on March 12, 2008


For Indians, I have written a post which describes in detail about receiving orkut scraps as sms. This post concentrates on most of the cellular networks in all the countries and few more tricks which works for Indian networks too. I recommend you reading my previous articles for detailed description of the services I have mentioned here.


For this, again I make use of Orkutfeeds. Get the subscription url for your orkut scrapbook as I have described here. You may use following methods to get your scrap directed to your mobile phone.


1. Determine your cell phone’s email id and use RSSFWD to send scrapbook feed updates to your mobile phone. Easiest way to determine your mobile phone’s email id is to send an email from your cell phone to your mail id (it costs you :exclaim_ee:) and look for from address in mail. In RSSFWD, you need to enter your cell phone’s mail id instead of your email id.


2. Yahoo! Alerts:


This is quite simple, you need to register your mobile for Yahoo! Mobile or Yahoo! Messenger. Goto Yahoo! Alerts page for feeds. Enter the feed url for your orkut scrapbook and select your mobile device to receive alerts. This trick did not work for me when I used my messenger phone (Spice, Karnataka, India.) to receive alerts. My network is compatible with messenger but did not work for alerts. For detailed description of using Yahoo! Alerts, I recommend you reading this post.


3. We have few more sites like SendMeRss or MyToday(India) or any other applicable for your geographic location. Just use the same trick, use the feed generated by orkut feeds and subscribe to that using any services like the ones above mentioned. Or use your cell phone’s email address and signup for that mail notification.


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pretty cool tips 😀

narendra.s.v’s last blog post..By: TechTreak Random Top Ads Plugin v2.0 for WordPress | Tecnologia

Good one…But if there are too many messages coming in then your messaging charges may be high…

Joel’s last blog post..Rock n Scroll – Accelerometer and Motion based Input Application for Nokia N95

I did not get which one is going to cost here. Yahoo messenger phone is free service and even Yahoo mobile also does not seem to cost anything(I dont know much about Yahoo mobile as my mobile is not supported), and one thing we need to think of is about the email service. I dont think this will be charged, but we need to test that with 1 msg and find out.

TechPavan’s last blog post..Get Orkut Scraps on your mobile phone: Part2 – World

i like orkut very much

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