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Written by Pavan Kumar on August 15, 2008



Orkut has again done one more update by introducing scrap alerts as sms. But, this update is only for India. With this update, the sms feature of orkut is currently available in India and Brazil only. Still in India, few of the most important carriers like bsnl, vodafone and airtel are not supported. They can find a way to get scrap alerts in one of my previous posts and this post is dedicated for our US readers to get orkut scraps/community updates delivered to their mobiles as sms for free.

orkut scrap on mobile as sms for united states of america

Steps to do that:

1. Prepare the feed for your scrapbook/ community discussion page using orkutfeeds or scrapfeed [a better service from Varun Taneja, but only for scraps and not other orkut updates]. If you need any more details about generating feed, look into other posts on orkut mobile updates.


2. Goto Pingie and submit the above generated feed along with other details like your phone number and mail id.


For any queries about pingie, please contact the technical team at pingie@experiment23.com as I am not affiliated with that nor I have any experience in using that service.


Note: I have not tested this trick as I am not an US resident. Other methods can also be used for US carriers to get scrap updates on mobiles. Your carrier charges may apply as per your subscription plans.




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4 Readers responded to this post

wow! already people have busy online with scraps now there mobile will get too busy 😀

You may use the same trick for any feeds. If you use this for comment feeds of sites like techrunch, your mobile gets busy like anything and becomes a headache for you…..

Thanks For The Greater Solution of Keep In touch With my Frnds of Orkut While I Am not at my computer

@ Gurpreet

If you are a subscriber of a network other than vodafone, airtel or bsnl (India), orkut itself has added that great feature… Check out in settings of orkut page…

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