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Written by Pavan Kumar on August 5, 2009


Internet is a most interesting environment and everyone of us come across multiple websites and services. When we look deeply for some content which is required for us even when we are away from internet, we usually save it as html web pages on system. Saving websites as html pages simply add lot of files leading to more confusion and also some pages require internet to open and load completely.

Free tools to convert html web pages to pdf book online

To avoid all such problems of saving HTML pages into our hard disk, we can use two methods – one can take webpage screenshots which is to some extent better than saving html files, but it is a failure when the web page you read is more lengthy – you need to zoom the image to read the saved page. The most ideal and best way is to export html pages as pdf files. PDF is the most popular format we find e-books which is easy to read and saves your disk space too. Here are few services which can convert HTML pages on websites to PDF for free and instantly. Few of them are helpful for both webmasters and end users – webmasters can add a convert to pdf button on webpages and end users can use the service directly to download web pages as PDF.

1. Convert HTML to PDFs with HTM2PDF

HTM 2 PDF is wonderfully easy tool for webmasters to integrate – just a hyperlink to their site is enough to get the page in pdf format. free htm webpage to pdf converterOnce a visitor click the link to their site, it finds the referral url and that pdf will be prepared and served to the users instantly. Users can also enter the web url in their web page and get the PDF of the page at specified url. Another feature with them is that you can also enter the raw html of the page and get a PDF if you are working on any offline document.

2. Free PDF Converter at

html to pdf converterThe web url of this service is no way cool, but the service they provide is! They provide users with a bookmarklet clicking on which users can be redirected to their page to download the pdf version of the page they want. Webmasters and bloggers can find it attractive because of the beautiful icon they provide when you integrate their code on your page. Try HTML-PDF-Converter. This service is available in seven different languages.

3. Web2PDF Online – A cool html to pdf converter for websites

web page to pdf online free converterAs the title says, its only for websites and not for end users directly. Unlike above two tools, you cannot enter some URL and get the PDF, you can get the PDF only if the website owner has placed their codes on their websites. This has more options for designing the button styling and button is really decent to suit any design of website / blog. The lack with this service is they want you to sign up for an account if you want to place their converter button on your website. This is only for webmasters / bloggers service. You may try it here.

4. Create PDF Online with PDF On Fly

create pdf online for free with pdfonflyEven this one is having two types of conversions. You may convert pages from url and html / text. For html conversion, you are provided with a rich text editor which you may use to format the html with simple graphical interface instead of coding. Try PDF on Fly.

5. Express PDF creator – Create HTML, Word and Excel to PDF

Express PDF Creator [] is quite a different from all above. You can convert web pages, word files and excel files to PDF. They accept your request, take your mail id and mail you the details when the conversion is done.

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