How to Fax Online? Free Online Fax Services to Send Fax Online

Written by Pavan Kumar on July 27, 2009


Fax though being an old age technology, is still being used for different purposes. Most of the Governmental organizations use fax as official means of communication and expect people communicate with them through fax. Also, few ad networks require you to fax copies of your ID proof during any legal verification etc. All these times, it may not be convenient option to go in search of traditional fax machines. These days, fax service centers are reduced considerably.

Free online fax services to send fax online

One more important factor to consider is the cost, sending fax to a distant or international location would be expensive. So here are few online fax services where you can send fax for free online.

MyFax – Send Fax to 41 countries

This is the special feature of this service, you can send e-fax beyond US and Canada. They just require your mail id to send fax to 41 countries. Unfortunately India is not in the list of free countries. With MyFax, you can send any document file with maximum file size of 10MB and upto 10 pages. The interface is very simple to handle, but make sure you provide a valid mail address as they require verification before sending the free fax online. Try MyFax. – Impressive Fax Service for US and Canada

They are impressive in the way that they are not going to place any ads on the fax you send. One file is the limit per fax and two faxes per day are allowed. Each file you send may have 3 pages at most. They also provide an alternative to sending files where you can edit a message with rich text editors and compose a beautiful page for faxing for free. Visit GotFreeFax.

faxZERO – 2 Faxes per day

There are few limitations with this service. They attach their cover page to the fax you send and the maximum of two faxes per day. Each fax may contain one document file with up to 3 pages per file. They support any number in US and Canada. The advantage with this service is the confirmation they send to your mailbox after the fax has been sent. Try faxZERO.

Qipit – Copy and share files

Qipit is another cool service which can help you send free fax online. You can upload the documents captured on your digital camera, mobile phone etc. This service improves the quality of uploaded files which would be more clear and legit to fax. They also provide you a link where you can view the document online.

ScanR – Fax with your camera phone

ScanR provides free faxing for one time usage, but the scanning feature with them proves awesome. If you capture a document through mobile phone camera and upload the same, this service converts the image to a quality which matches with the original document.

eFax – Send and receive fax online free

This is special that you will also be able to receive a fax if someone faxes to your eFax number. This support a lot of countries and you can avail the 30 day trial for free faxing. In this free trial period, you can send up to 50 pages and receive up to 130 pages in fax. The disadvantage with them is that they require a credit card to sign up for free trial. If you sign up with credit card make sure you cancel your account otherwise your credit card will be billed after free usage of one month. Link: eFax – Send fax

The Phone Company has a feature to send fax online. Here you can send fax by writing some text. They don’t support files, don’t support rich text editor, but just for simple faxing without limits. Try here.


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Lots of good information for fax. This is well worth the time it took to read.

WHy does india does’t figure in thsi free services

i think the govt doesn’t allow it… 🙁

Excellent picks. Some are free and some are trials. You may want to add Onesuite Fax from your list though as I get good service from them. They also got a 30 Day risk free trial.

Internet faxing has been the trend right now due to the cost effectiveness and convenience it offers.

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