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Written by Pavan Kumar on July 23, 2009


Many people using internet dream of having a personal website. There are many factors that avoid them of creating a own webpage and host it online. The most important factor being is the lack of coding, most of them don’t know there are many tools that code themselves providing us a front end graphical editor. Other factors include lack of knowledge on free hosting services and free blogging services. For those, here is an easy tool. (File to Web Site) is a fantastic tool to build a webpage out of a single file you have. Any normal file you can create is enough to build your own webpage. Anyone of us can use document editors like MS Word etc, and you can create whatever you want on that and upload it to to get your webpage ready.

They support multiple formats of file and you can use images, audio, video, documents (doc, pdf, odt, txt, rtf, ppt etc file extensions), source codes of programming languages, web documents like html, xml etc. Also zipped archives like zip, rar, tar etc can be used. For non readable formats like archived files etc, the webpage just contains the file name and a download link for that file. For formats like pdf and other documents, the entire document will be converted into a single long webpage irrespective of number of pages you have in the document. All pages will be placed on a single long webpage. You can download any file you upload later on provided you have the url of your page. Normally the download links here is your page url ended with /download.

This is a nice idea to host your profile, job cv, photos etc. If you want to upload number of photos onto single page, create an MS Word document with all photos and upload that document file. This does not require a sign up which makes it much convenient to use. The only limitation with this service is the file size which is limited to 15MB.


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5 Readers responded to this post

Hey buddy. Small doubt. Does your website crash often? I too use hyperwebenable. Please let me know. Or is there a way out of this problem?

@ Anand,

I don’t use hyperwebenable, but if you find that problem very often, I guess you are using lots of plugins which are really leaving an extra load on server.

Thanks for your response. But I found your link in hyperwebenable. That is the reason i am asking you.

And then I will try to remove a few plugins before i come here again. Thanks in advance. Sorry, if i had posted the query at the wrong place (post).

I did check for plugins. But I haven’t installed too many plugins. Just one extra plugin.

@ Anand,

I think you should discuss the things with the admin.

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