How to Convert OGG, Zune, 3GP, AC3 to MP3? Audio Format Conversion

Written by Pavan Kumar on July 31, 2009


OGG, Zune, 3GP, AC3 are not so popular audio formats, but still some audio content is distributed in these formats. They may be supported by your players on computer if you have proper codecs installed, but that would not be supported by all portable audio players like mobile phones, audio players, mp3 players etc. If you want to convert these audio into MP3, here is the step by step procedure to convert the audio formats.

Download and install Quick Media Converter.

Open Quick Media Converter software and select the format you want to convert the audio “TO” – irrespective of source format, just select the format to be converted into. This software supports many media formats including both audio and video formats.

Select audio conversion format

Add files by clicking on the add button as in figure or drag and drop.

Select destination directory as indicated in the figure, you may choose any directory including the source directory as the format conversion will result in no filename clash.

Click convert. This tool is quite a quick service which performs the job better and fast.

Procedure to convert different audio formats

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I have used this tool in the past and it is definitely useful, had downloaded couple of OGG files and I don’t particularly like quicktime.

@ Keith,

Same is the case here, I discovered this wonderful tool when I downloaded AC3 audio. Even I am a winamp addict 😛

chk this out
its the best free software you can get.
Its much much better than the paid ones

Thanks for sharing this…


online tool, nothing to download, works pretty well as long as the file is not too big

you might want to try this website it also converts ogg to mp3 or mp3 to ogg and other formats. works pretty well – i use it all the time.

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