How to Convert Flash / Online Videos to MP3 Audio

Written by Pavan Kumar on January 28, 2009


flash to mp3Recently I was searching for a music audio online. But even after searching for hours, I could not get even a single download location for that. The type of audio I was looking for was a music track of a popular song. No such tracks are available online as they have not been released. But I found one video on an video sharing service where one guy has played the music on his piano and uploaded to the video sharing site.

The video and audio clarity was little impressive and thought that I should have that offline. I knew how to download online videos, but what I needed was an mp3 audio. Finally found an online flash to mp3 converter.

FLV to MP3 is an online converter which converts your flash file into mp3 audio. It is a free service where you can convert your offline flash content or also you can convert online flash videos to mp3 and download the mp3 audio. Now, you can easily convert your online videos into mp3. This service supports upto 100 mb of files to be converted.

You can try the service with different video sharing sites like metacafe, vimeo, … and share your experience. These kind of services are not useful all time, but in case of need, we look for such tools wherever it is possible.


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Thanks for the share!! I convert lot of videos from Youtube to mp3 format for my phone… I used to record with Soundforge! This is what I was exactly looking for..


The way you use is cumbersome :-( This is the best alternative for you I guess. I am also looking for some photoshop alternative for blogging, will update when found :-)

iam medhat , and thank you very much to your help to lern us how to change from you tube to audio mp3, and iam very sory for my language………thanks

Sorry Pavan… tried converting flv to mp3 from flv2mp3, but it did not work. It did the conversion
but when i tried to play the converted file in realplayer, and my mobile, it did not play.

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