7 easy ways to capture an entire webpage

Written by Pavan Kumar on September 22, 2008



In many cases, you may need to capture the entire portion of a webpage. For that we cannot use the traditional way of pressing PrtSc [print screen] and pasting from clipboard into the image editing software. So, here are the ways to capture the entire web page. This can be done in two ways, one is online through different services and the other is through the usage of different plugins for browsers.


Yahoo Home page - captured as a whole webpage


Lets study one by one:


1. Pearl Crescent Page Saver:

Save full web page imagesThis is a firefox addon which makes your job of capturing a web page easy. You will get options to save the entire web page or only visible portion of the page. You will also get option to save either an entire frame on a page in which case you can choose which frame to be saved. You can save the page in either jpeg or png format. Though you can save image on your local hard disk, in a pro version, you can even upload it to an ftp server. User will have an additional feature to set up a keyboard shortcut to capture and also the file name is user customizable.


2. Fireshot:

Fireshot - capture web page / frames with great optionsThis is a extension for firefox/internet explorer with much advanced features compared with Pearl Crescent Page Saver. This can save the screenshot into png, jper, gif or bmp formats. You can even copy the saved image to the clipboard which is not a feature of Peral Crescent. And the most attractve part is that you can also upload your captured image into their server so that you can use it whenever you need. If you register for an account in their server, you will get much more options with that.


3. Screengrab:

Click whole web pageThis is a simple firefox addon to save entire webpage/ visible portion into an image file. File formats supported are jpeg and png.In this, you can copy entire page/frame into clipboard also for editing.


4. CaptureSaver:
This is a quite bulky software when compared for our application compared with all others listed here. This 4MB software is used for many other purposes of saving webpages, images, text and organising them and reusing.This adds into the context menu of internet explorer and which makes the screenshot capturing a simple and easy job.


5. Superscreenshot:

web page design imageIt is a web based screenshot service which provide you with multiple options in sizes and also to choose if you need full page or top screen. One more feature in this is that it caches the previous captured image so that you can get that screenshot even if the site is down, but you get a previous captured one and not the recent. You are provided with a refresh button to refresh the cached image.


6. Browsershots:

This site is intended for the purpose of testing the website design in different browsers. You can select different browsers you would like your site to appear. Few of such images will be full screen captures of your page, which you can download.


7. Thumbalizr:

professional image of your websiteThis web screenshot service generates png images of your site in different sizes. The site has a very cool interface and is much quicker than the above said web based image capturing services.


Last note:

Of all the above services, web based services are not recommendable as they cannot capture those pages which are password protected. But it can be used if you want to capture user interface of any particular site. Among the browser extensions, the most recommened is fireshot which is having much more options than the other ones.


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11 Readers responded to this post

Good compilation on capturing tools.

I use FireShot plugin for both Firefox/IE. It save a lot of time. It is having a nice editor too.


Thanks for your complements. I use pearl crescent page saver, which does its work in a cool way. I agree that fireshot is better than pearl crescent…

Nice list, i use Fireshot. Will try the other

@Madhur Kapoor

You are welcome to try any of them, but I guess you again stick on to fireshot itself…

This is great stuff Pavan….I would like to add “Snag It ” as a capture program , its a paid software but worth the money


SnagIt is really a wonderful software providing you multiple options to capture. Thanks for the mention…

I think “CaptureIt” and “Snagit” is also a good choice!

Ufortunately most, if not all of these programs do not work with Opera. I am unable to upgrade FF or IE and am stuck with IE6, FF2 or Opera.
Opera works fairly well but lacks the extensions/widgets that FF does. I have tried repeatedly with every new version of FF to upgrade but no luck and Mozilla is no help at all.
I tried CaptureSaver but does not appear to work with Opera. Does anyone know of a webpage capture that does work with Opera? Thanks!!

Tried Fireshot – works great, thanks!


For the web services, browsershots does not work if you want to capture a youtube channel page, or a youtube video page. For thumbalizr, it captures the entire page, but it converts it into the default language the page is set at. So, if you are from the netherlands and you reflect that in your youtube channel under the description box at the side, your resulting screenshot becomes Dutch 😀 LOL….\

Overall, thumblizr is good and quick, while BrowserShots has too much incompabilities.

Thanks Brother


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