How To Submit Sitemap to Bing Search Engine

Written by Pavan Kumar on June 10, 2009


Sitemap is a main index of the website which informs search engines of all existing pages on the website which needs to be indexed. Submit sitemap to search engines will help them index your site properly and it helps you gain more traffic from those engines. Just adding sitemap to search engines is not enough, you need to update the sitemap regularly as your site updates.

Adding Sitemap to Microsoft Bing Webmaster Center

The latest search engine MS Bing is evolved from Live Search and if you have already submitted your site and xml sitemap to live, the same is used by to index and crawl your site. If you have not added your site previously to Live, here is how you can do it. You can check the indexing by searching bing for

There are two ways of adding sitemap to Bing, one is by submitting your sitemap through Bing Webmaster Center. Login to webmaster tools > Select your site > Sitemaps. There you can add sitemap url.

The second way is by pinging bing service without requirement of loggin into the webmaster tools. Here is the url you need to type in address bar and load.[your sitemap web address]

Its better to sign up / sign in to the Bing webmaster center so that you can also view the different stats of your website like any crawling issues / indexed urls / keywords / links etc :)

Note: If you run a wordpress blog and don’t have sitemaps yet, install Google XML Sitemaps plugin, it does all the work automatically.

How is TechPavan binging on

Just wanted to know how bing is sending traffic to your sites. In my case, is sending a traffic of 1-3% of overall search engine traffic :( Yahoo! works better than Bing on my site.


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add my website

Althou our site is indexed in Bing it seems to have lost all of its rankings since the changeover from Live. We used to rank well for many keywords now we dont show at all in Bing for any of the keywords or phrases. I dont get it!

@ Paging Systems,

I don’t understand the mystery behind Bing, I wonder who gets Bing traffic to a better extent! Even for my site, Bing traffic is negligible and even less than what Yahoo sends.

thanks for this info, now i can submit my sitemap to Bing.
I really need to increase my indexed pages in Bing, do you know how ?
is just submitting the sitemap is enough to increase the indexed pages ? only index 2 pages of my blog…
What’s the problem…
Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the tip about pinging Bing :-)

Thanks a lot. Found your site through goolge. This ping bac code is very useful to me right now


Its really help me thanks for sharing this awesome information……

It seems like with a new Silverlight version of Bing Webmaster Tools the option of adding sitemaps is gone.. anyone knows some workaround?

Ok, the response from Bing is that this feature is not available right now but they will add it in the future. Still you can use auto search of sitemap file by adding it to the robots.txt

thanks for such a wonderful information

Useful and to the point. Submitting your sitemap to Bing is just one part of a larger exercise in making sure your site is identified correctly as you intended. Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask, are vital to covering 90% of search engines. You may wish to go further by including Altavista but I personally don’t bother outside the top four.

Hi There,

Giving information is all right.. i have successful submitted my sitemap in Bing.. Thanks a lot..

Please, add my website to search engines

Thanks for sharing this tip, im gonna go test it out, hopefully bing index’s my sites soon.

I’tried for yahoo & bing index my site.

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