How to Report Web Forgery or Spam Website to Google

Written by Pavan Kumar on January 24, 2009


Just a few days back, there were a lot of fake orkut login pages created. The reason / script / site / person behind all those fake orkut pages is unknown, but it becomes responsibility of each internet user to help authorities ban such sites to safeguard internet users. Here we shall discuss how we can report such pages to Google. As Google is an un thorned emperor of internet, reporting to Google will help you solve the issue to some better extent. The fact is no one can remove the page you host on your domain and your server, but people can be warned in case the site is harmful or browser security or DNS can block websites which are harmful, also they may be deindexed from search engines.

1. Report Web Forgery in Firefox:

report scam site to Google through firefoxI guess, regular readers here are all firefox users, though not sure as visitor stats say more number of users browsing on crap software 😉 . Let us see how to do it in firefox. If you encounter any such suspected web forgery / spam / fake / forged / fraud / phishing / harmful / scam sites, click on Help. In the drop down list you get, click Report Web Forgery. You will be driven to a page where you can report for phishing websites / scam sites. In this case, the url will be filled automatically and you just need to enter the captcha and optionally you can add comments to help the Google Safe Browsing team. Your identity will be anonymous according to Google privacy policies.

report suspected web forgery to google

Don’t think this way you can easily defeat your competitor by marking him as spam, such reports will be moderated by the team and sites will not be simply added to web forgery list when someone reports.

2. Other browsers:

I know there are more number of users who browse internet on their mobile phones or other handhelds. Even web users on computers too use different browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Flock…  or also the windows bundled rubbish to surf the internet. You can directly access the Report Phishing page here []. Its recommended for you to use Firefox.

Report phishing sites to google


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It will be good that users browsing should know thses features provided in Firefox ,so that if they find a phishing site they should inform to Google Directly or through reporting web frogery from help button in Firefox.The more the people aware of this info the better for them to aviod sentiive information loss to these sites,reporting as phishing sites will also help other people to browse these sites again .


Yes, users should be aware of all these things. The orkut fake pages were spread in a viral way :-(

This is nice piece of information. I get almost 5 forgery mails daily. Now I can at least report them.
thanks for the Pavan.

Google ‘s list HAS been used by competitors and disgruntled users to block sites. I find it very disconcerting that Google are so quick to add sites to their list but are slow, if not reluctant, to remove them.

Could you please to inform me this website and e-mail attached is forgery or not

Just by looking at a website one cannot firmly decide if it is a spam or not. Looking at the website you have provided, what I can say is that the site is still new and has no value as a website. May be the company behind is a big one, but the site has no value as of current.

Also, I don’t see any spammy things there. I cannot say that the mail id cannot spam you. Many of the brands use email marketing as one of the ways to spam you and hence you might have got spams from them. Such questions cannot be answered with confidence.

If you strongly believe this website as forged one, you can report them to Google.

I see that they have copied a vast content from which is bad if they both are same or the former have got rights from latter.

I placed an order online for a camera to SHOPHIVE (, an online shopping portal basrd in Lhr, on 25th August 2009.
I was promptly replied by the shophive people; they confirmed the availability of the item and asked me to deposit the money (Rs. 13990) through bank transfer. Same amount was transferred to their account

Next day I called Shophive and was told camera would be dispatched by TCS and I would receive it within a day.
On 28th August, 3 days after booking, no deliveries were made and when contacted Shophive, I was told that camera was shipped through AMS Couriers, a lesser known company. I called the courier office and I was told that they do not deliver, I have to pick up the parcel. On the same day I picked the parcel from AMS Couriers, Rawalpindi.
When I opened the parcel, the camera and battery were missing from the parcel. I immediately called Shophive and later sent them an email.
I contacted the CEO Shophive, Arslan Nazir and he said that they are investigating the matter and camera was erroneously sent through this unknown company. I bought the story and asked for the next step. I was offered 25-30% off if I still want to get another one. I was also asked to send the box back as they would use it for further investigations and filing a case against the couriers. I sent them the pack through TCS on 4th Sep 2009.

After lot of correspondence with Shophive CEO over weeks, through which he was hesitant to reply I agreed conditionally to book another one and get 30% off. My conditions were that if they think that the couriers stole the camera, Shophive should take up the case and inform me.
When I agreed to send them money again, they raised the price of camera to Rs. 15690. Even then, I sent them the money again through bank transfer. But after receiving the camera, for which I paid Rs. 10980 again, the Shophive plainly refused to follow up the case or return the lost camera remaining accessories which I sent to them.

we scan the site “” and upload again but it still show the message……..

“Reported Attack Site!
This web site at has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.”

Could you please tell me how to solve this problem.

Thunderbird also has a nice feature to quickly report scam emails. Scroll down to the link to the fake website and right click on it, then “Report E-Mail Scam” and it’ll take you to the google forgery page.

please i want to report a scam being carried out by some fraudstar using a fake website ( to decieve people that a parcel was sent to them by a supposed UK person, and that the unsuspecting person should pay a stipulated amount to clear his parcel out from the custom. most recently i fall a victim to this and i was defrauded the total sum of 65,000usd, when they make me to believe that my supposed boyfriend from UK included the sum of 200,000pounds in the never-to-be mail that he sent to me through their services. but it was late that i realised that there was no such boyfriend or parcel that exist, it was all a scam. they used this fake website to decieved me ( please i wnt to bring this to the knowledge of everyone so that more people do not fall victim to this fraudsters again and also to solicit for the closure of this website as it is damaging the image and reputation of the real american airline cargo. pls something should be done faster to arrest this urgly situation.

My sites content are being stolen. I have already done this method of yours to no real solution. Do you know any other ways?

Like contact the spammers host?

i can get this people to stop bodering me

i registered and paid money to these people via western union and was told i was successful and had some clients, i have tried to contact them by email and phone (08701404096) but no one answers now , they are still advertising for escorts and clients on line . i am £285 out of pocket

Dear Sirs,

I would like to report as a Spam site. This site shows up despite having put it into the forbidden sites list in my system. Could please inform how to disable this site to automatically
from showing up. What kind of a site is this anyway?

Yours truly,

I joined in book selling online, so after few days, when too late I recognized it is about scam. I am not only one lamb, we are many, so urgent please, because we are paid, customers are not receiving their e books and people on this site are receiving money from all those who wanted work and earn.


Thanks for this post but do you know how to report web forgeries in firefox 4.0?

I live in London since three years. The reason why I write you it’s because I’m worried that I had been conned by an Internet site. I have always expressed an interest in the United States of America.
On the 25 of March 2011 I came across a site for a Green Card Application, the site is the following and is this a secure website? Is this site sponsored by the American Embassy ? I made a payment of Euros 99.00 and I had to do some photos that costs me £18 pounds , several people contact me from these email addresses USAGC Green Card Services / shirine / /
But the more strange that me doubt was when I checked my Bank online account there was a payment aon behalf of Yeke USAGC MANAGERS LTD, I did some researches on the Internet and I discovered that the full address is EVAGORA PAPACHRISTOFOROU 6,4061 LIMASSOL,CYPRUS. It’s really strange how all the people who called said they were in Texas and not in Cyprus . I have also given a reference number for my application and that is DQLKVNNJ.
All that I ask is Truth and Justice. These people stole my money and they disappeared and I never heard from them . I had to cancel my visa card. They just waste my time and I hope that one day they will pay all this and I hope that they will spend my money in medicine! These people are bastard and that website shouldn’t be there. If no one will remove that website other people will be their victims.
These people are so bastard

be careful. the fraudsters are here: www . oceanicbank . com. the correct address, a Nigerian bank website is ‘’

Emmanuel (namesake),

Those two URL for Oceanic Bank are correct.
Companies can use what is called parked domains that lead to same website…. This seems like a good way to minimize forgery domains; but ultimately boosts impressions on search engines and lead to more traffic to the website.

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