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Written by Pavan Kumar on May 30, 2009


This is the era of Web 2.0 and every one of us wants the job to be done in few seconds online. We never are interested to install a software and get the job done. For basic purposes, everything has to be instant for us. It has already been dealt with different image editing tools and services. Now we shall see some free online image cropping services which would be of use.

Easy photo editing – Resizr

Resizr photo editingThis is one of my favorite tools and I use this mainly to resize images. This is a fast and easy tool which produces file size optimized images for directly using on websites. This has multiple options and you may use the same tool to convert format, resize, sharpen, rotate, adjust brightness or contrast, reduce quality, black and white and other purposes. This reminds me of online presentation software looking at number of features.

Online image resizer tool to resize digital photos in 3 steps – Resize2Mail

This is not just an image cropping tool, but you can use it to quick resize images – to different standard sizes, pixels or percentages, rotate them in 90° in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions, also you can make a 180° flip of the picture. You can perform only cropping without doing all these resize options. – Resize images with ease

Resize Image.orgIts impressive in the appearance and job it does. It has quick resize options, advanced resize options where you can use mouse as you do in photoshop or free online image editor. Also you can crop the images as you do in normal advanced image editor softwares.

Easy online crop tool – Picture Mosaics

picture mosaicsThis is best if you want to remove white spaces in the edges of images fast. This is fast because it itself sets the borders to remove the blank edges of image. Other than this, you can perform normal cropping and also it provides an additional feature to rotate images in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

EasyCropper – Simple and quick image cropping

Easy cropperFirst you need to select the image from local disk, then enter the size of cropped result. You have the enter the size of cropped result. Here initial size is fixed and then you will not be able to resize the part of cropping. Only impressive thing I observe here is the appearance.

Free online picture resizer – crop and resize photos, images or pictures online for free – pic resize

picture resizeThis tool is for those who want every job to be done quick, no matter about the accuracy and perfectness. You can get the cropping followed by resizing and photo editing effects if you wish. The resizing can be done based on percentage of height and width or also you can perform based on pixels.

You might also be interested in reading about the multiple image resize tool or saving copy protected images on webpages.


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Great article!! Stumbled :) I had written a similar post some time back but your post is helpful to choose the best among the lot! Cheers!!

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thanks for the list, it can save a lot of time. Earlier I use to xrop images with Photoshop and it takes a lot of time to start… these sites will ease my work. thanks :)

Nice post pavan will check all.

check this website good concept


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