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Written by Pavan Kumar on January 22, 2009


You might have observed most of the articles here include different images and few of them fit to the width of the article section and few are smaller. The images posted to the total width are usually larger in size and been resized to match the design layout. Till now, my practice was to use image editing softwares to get the job done. This time I have got a new online image resize and download service which also has a firefox addon to make it easier.

ResizR is the web application in discussion and the service is really impressive. This web application has options to resize images and download instantly. This also has option so that you can rotate your pictures in right angles (clockwise, anticlockwise and invert). The user interface is very easy to understand and you will find a simple tabbed form where you can choose to use local (on your computer) or online images (hosted on web). If you choose for local photos, you need to browse the file and upload once, if you choose web image, you need to provide the proper url. Next option is to set the size of image to which it needs to be resized. You can also set the rotation of the picture in case you need.

Resizing and rotating images

Firefox context menu to resize and rotate picturesThis online image resizing utility has a firefox addon. With this extension, your image resizing process gets much more easy task as an option will be added to your context menu (right click). By just clicking on an image, you can gain direct access to move to the service site where you will set the size and resize.

One drawback with this currently is that the image formats supported is only jpeg / .jpg and you cannot resize images of gif, png or any other format. Hope these will be included in the next versions.


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3 Readers responded to this post

There are lot of online tools to resize images availble ,you mentioned one is relaly useful I can also webresizer which also web application resize images.

Resizr seems to be simple to use than photoshop.I use PS to resize my images.Good toll for new babies who dont know much PS.

Good info mate.


Will have to try webresizer. Never tried in the past.


Same case here. I find it time consuming on my photoshop. Also, try fireshot, its also very good for quick editing.

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